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AEGEAN TRAIL PROJECT – with iron donkeys along trodden trails

It is no news that the Greek Dodecanese islands check all the boxes when it comes to our boat and bike tour concept: pleasant bays, quiet trails, traditional villages, and hospitable local inhabitants. Greece is not just a country as mountain biking is not just a sport; they are lifestyles.

Yet in the eyes of the off road community, the Dodecanese remain an almost unexplored territory. This is not because the islands are lacking in beauty, but because of the missing connections, care and labelling of the mountain bike  trails which riddle this island paradise… and that’s about to change!


AEGEAN TRAIL PROJECT – From the United Nations Trail to the Aegean Trail Paradise

What all started as a rough idea, gradually developed into a fully-fledged trail building project in the Greek Dodecanese, made possible through the support of a large team of international outdoor enthusiasts. Clearing, building and signposting trails across the Greek Aegean islands. On the islands of Kos, Leros and Patmos old, overgrown trails were cleared and new trails were constructed leading to the enrichment of the trail networks on these islands.

On the island of Kos we were able to unite more than 60 people to work on the project via Facebook. In a joint effort members of the Bike Club Mud Turtles and the tour operator, Kos Bike Activities, as well as Islandhopping Tour Guides and the Trail Brothers Tuscany were able to build a 2.8 km long trail in a day and a half. Their common love for biking united nations and created a great team spirit. The unity of the people involved in the project led to the upper part of the trail being called, United Nations Trail.


The success of the project have confirmed to us that this is just the beginning. The growth of the project has led to it being officially recognized as, Aegean and the aim is to incorporate both the Turkish and the Greek Aegean regions.

Mountain biking is the fastest growing outdoor sport community worldwide and therefore carries a high relevance for many companies. The aim of this project is not only to cater for the popularity of the sport, but also to support the countries in question in their recovery as tourist destinations. Job opportunities will be created in the tourism and hotel industries as well as in hospitality. Step by step, a large network will emerge, which on one hand benefits the island’s economy and on the other hand offers MTB and hikers a new trail paradise to explore – a win-win situation.

AEGEAN TRAIL PROJECT – the cornerstones are set!

We believe that by joining forces we too can realize this vision in Greece… Positive  and supportive local attitudes are key in realizing this vision. Enthusiasm for the project is already being shared by local groups such as the Greek MBike Magazine, the Hellenic Federation of Mountain Biking as well as the Paths of Greece organization: laying a solid support structure for success in the community.

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