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Additional nights in Athens

View of Athens Acropolis and ruins

A journey through 2,500 years of history


Athens. A name that evokes numerous images in the mind’s eye. The birthplace of democracy and philosophy, the city of poets and intellectuals. Over 2,500 years of history characterise the spirit of this diverse city, from its historical centre, home to the renowned Acropolis of Athens, to modern cultural hotspots such as the artists’ quarter of Psiri. The impressive Archaeological Park in the inner city and the charming old town, Plaka, are just two more chapters in the history book of Athens.


We would be happy to arrange additional nights in one of our partner hotels in Athens before or after your Islandhopping trip.


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Hotel Pan in Athens ***

Hotel Hera in Athens ****

Hotel Elia Ermou in Athens ****

City Map Athens

City Map Athens