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Athens by bike

If you love cycling and like the idea of combining it with an urban sight-seeing tour, then ‘Athens by Bike’ is ideal for you. A bike tour is the best way to get to know a city, enabling you to cover a much larger distance at the perfect speed whilst having fun with a group.

Athens by bike - let us introduce ourselves…

Our tours through the historical city center of Athens are easy and very safe. We keep to quiet back roads, alleyways, and pedestrian zones. You do not have to be an athlete to take part in our tours, there are no major hills, and we keep a relaxed pace. ‘Athens by Bike’ tours are especially well suited for short-term visitors, enabling them to experience the lively Greek capital with its legendary history and culture to the fullest.


We offer a variety of half day tours through Athens, catering to the needs of families with children, couples, and small groups of up to max. 12 people. Keeping the groups small ensures that each guest has a unique and individual experience created by the insider knowledge of our experienced and friendly guides.


What Athens by Bike offers its Guests

Athens by Bike turns Athens City into a unique and unforgettable experience:

  • high quality hybrid bikes and e-bikes
  • experienced English-speaking tour guides
  • safe tour routes avoiding areas with heavy traffic
  • an excellent impression of Athens City
  • city highlights and hidden gems
  • tips and recommendations for further activities which can help you to feel right at home in Athens

Our Gratitude for and Cooperation with Athens by Bike

In February 2016 a number of our Islandhopping tour guides were able to experience an Athens by Bike city tour. As guests on the Athens – Piraeus tour led by an exceptional guide we were able to experience the city in a truly extraordinary way. After taking part in the tour, we were sure of one thing: We would definitely recommend this experience to all our Islandhopping guests starting their boat and bike tour in Athens. This proved to be an excellent decision, as we have been receiving fantastic feedback from our guests about their Athens by Bike experience ever since.

Thank you Athens by bike

We are truly grateful to Manos Panagiotakis and his passionate team for their wonderful concept, the friendly cooperation which has grown between our two companies, and the continued insight Athens by Bike has given us about the growing popularity of bike sports and active tourism within Greece. We will happily continue to recommend these wonderful city tours in the future. We look forward to our continued cooperation and wish the team at Athens by Bike continued and great success!