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Baumeler Reisen are the leading tour specialists for active holidays in Switzerland and have been organizing active excursions internationally since 1960. Be it on foot, by bike or with paint and an easel – Baumeler guarantees extraordinary experiences in harmony with nature and the environment.


What we at BAUMELER offers our guests

As specialists in our field with professional tour guides, we do not only guarantee an authentic tour experience, but also a high standard of tour and great value for money. With our tours being off the beaten track, away from tourist hot spots, we provide our guests with a more intimate and honest experience of foreign cultures, the local people, and untouched nature. On average, a Baumeler tour group consists of 12 participants. Personal support, individual freedom, and flexibility are guaranteed.



Islandhopping's growth through BAUMELER REISEN

Baumeler Reisen were our first sales representative in Switzerland and we are truly thankful for their friendly and easy cooperation and support over the years. In addition to the many guests booking our regular tours, we have also worked with Baumeler to implement unique travel concepts such as painting cruises in Dalmatia. Our special thanks go to Baumeler for this. We are very much looking forward to our future cooperation!