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Croatia Cruises

For the love of seafaring - Customized yacht cruises in Croatia

Croatia Cruises - Who we are

Croatia Cruises is a family business run by the Šerka family, whose three sons have shared a love for the sea and seafaring since childhood, a love inherited from their parents. The company’s history begins in 1984 when the parents began a boat building and repairs workshop on their home island of Brač. By 1993, the family had finished the first of their own boats, built for passenger cruises around Croatia.


Since then, the family has become the proud owners of an entire fleet, consisting of the elegant motor yachts Harmonia, Melody, Yolo, and Ohana. All three sons are captains and love spending the summer months sailing their beautiful ships through the Adriatic to various Croatian islands. In 2020, the family took the next step into the tourism business, now offering customized yacht cruises along the Croatian coast for up to 38 guests.


What Croatia Cruises offers its guests

With their yacht charters, Croatia Cruises offers countless possibilities for organising your own cruise: Would you like to make sport and activity the focal point of your adventure? Or would you rather learn about Croatia’s rich history? Would you prefer to taste your way through the islands, enjoying local delicacies and wine? Or would you like to simply cruise from bay to bay, filling your days with swimming and water sports? Anything is possible!

Islandhopping’s gratitude for Croatia Cruises

Islandhopping and the Šerka family look back on a long-standing friendship and a successful business relationship. It all began with the family built wooden motor yacht San Snova (Dream of Dreams), which has been taking Islandhopping guests from island to island year after year since 2009. Though the ship has changed ownership in the meantime, collaboration with the Šerka family has continued!

Thank you Croatia Cruises!

With MY Harmonia and MY Melody we have experienced many unforgettable Islandhopping moments thanks to the exceptional hospitality of the Šerka family. For this we would like to warmly thank them. We look forward to many more trips together!