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Cycling Europe

We are a specialist leisure cycling tour company that places an emphasis on discovering and enjoying your chosen destination country or region. Art, architecture, food, wine, history, monuments, language, stunning scenery, quaint villages and best of all the people are all part of a cycle tour experience with CYCLING EUROPE.

What Cycling Europe offers its clients

Well organized tours on interesting routes, lovely accommodation, regional cuisine, the camaraderie of others if cycling with guided group tours or well researched route notes and maps if cycling the self-guided tours: These are the reasons why our clients return to us for their next holiday adventure.

Islandhopping's growth through Cycling Europe

Since 2003, Cycling Europe guests have been enjoying the Islandhopping concept, exploring new countries and regions by Bike & Boat in Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Vietnam. The director of Cycling Europe, Jill Grant, experienced her first Islandhopping tour, the Central Dalmatia & National Parks Bike & Boat trip, in 2004 and has been selling them with passion ever since. Jill Grant says about us: „We appreciate how Islandhopping are always striving to improve on a pretty flawless product. Guides are courteous, helpful, knowledgeable and have that element of cheeky fun."