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SNP Nature Travel is a Dutch tour operator specializing in activity-based tourism all over the world. For over 30 years, we have travelled the world and have developed over 300 group trips and 700 individual tour packages. These include everything from walking, hiking, and cycling, to wildlife and bird-watching tours.


What SNP offers its guests

We are progressive in terms of sustainability, not only with respect to travel (e.g. Green Seats, nature protection, sustainable accommodations) but also in terms of our strong internal environmental policy. SNP has a green and nature-oriented image, and we are focused on value for money, offering special destinations and activities such as walking (self-guided GPS trails and locally guided hikes), cycling, bird-watching and snow walking. We take special care in selecting small scale, preferably privately owned, accommodation for our guests.



Islandhopping's growth through SNP

Working together with SNP is a true validation of our product. SNP represents outdoor travel and has high expectations and standards regarding the tours which they market and sell. We have worked with SNP for several years and enjoy welcoming their guests onboard our boats. Our Multi-Adventure Cruises for families are especially popular with SNP and we are thankful for their support with these tour programs. We hope to continue our strong cooperation with SNP and look forward to future projects together.