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Swiss Bike School

Keeping your balance on the bike, mastering hairpin bends and using brakes correctly: Safe mountain biking is a skill that has to be learnt! And there is no better place to learn mountain biking skills than with the experts themselves.

Swiss Bike School - Who we are

With more than 60 specially qualified trainers the Swiss Bike School offers courses on riding technique in over 50 locations throughout Switzerland. The Swiss Bike School was founded by Daniel Schefer and his son Severin, both of whom are enthusiastic mountain bikers and really know what they’re talking about! The pair have great connections in the MTB scene, and they have now dedicated themselves entirely to providing guidance and skills and technique training in order to inspire in others the love they have for mountain biking.


What Swiss Bike School offers to its clients

The Swiss Bike School offers five-hour bike skills courses focusing on weight shifting and perfect riding positions for up and downhill riding. The aim: to inspire a love for biking in novices and experts alike through safe riding technique training, to help bikers overcome their insecurities, and to prepare them for the trails. The courses target recreational riders and are made up of two consecutive levels. Participants who complete the course are granted the License to Bike® -Diploma.

Islandhopping's growth through Swiss Bike School

Islandhopping and the Swiss Bike School share a common passion for mountain biking and for introducing people to the sport. We are proud to be able to rely on such an experienced and professional partner, and we sincerely thank the Swiss Bike School for the trust they have placed in us, their friendship, and the enthusiasm they show for Islandhopping! We look forward to our continued cooperation.