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The Bike Agentur - right in the bike business

Patricia Roth and Andrea Hahn from the Bike Agentur have collectively, through the use of their individual experiences and vocation, created an incredible network and communications system in the biker community, a profound stepping stone for bike tourism. Fuelled by their shared passion for cycling.

What the Bike Agentur offers to its clients:

Networking between destinations, industries and media via:

a) marketing cooperation’s
b) photo shootings
c) Incentive-events

Product management for hotels and destinations: conception and development of marketable offers.

Marketing: unconventional strategies and their implementation: educationals, Urban Biking Roadshows

PR / communication

Our growth through the Bike Agentur

Thanks to the professional product consultation of the Bike Agentur and cooperative networking with MTB tour operators, MTB-affine journalists and photographers as well as the support of various sports textile brands, Islandhopping can look back at the following successes:

– the achievement of becoming a recognised professional MTB tour operator
– a trebling of our MTB booking numbers between 2013 and 2016, significant increase still continues
– multiple publications regarding Islandhopping in diverse MTB magazines and online portals
– great partnerships between branded sponsors such as Deuter and Qloom
– a whole lot of fun on various educationals and explorer tours

For all of this, we thank the Bike Agentur from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to our continued cooperation!

Contact the Bike Agentur

Andrea Hahn
bike agentur hahn
Neuhauserstr. 12
D-78464 Konstanz
Tel.: +49 7531 8047599

Patricia Roth
bike agentur roth
Bachstrasse 19e
CH-8902 Urdorf
Tel.: +41 44 734 0423

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