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We have decided not to publish a new catalogue for the 2022 season but rather to let our new website take the spotlight and centre stage. On our website, you can find all the latest information on our trips (itineraries, dates, prices). However, you can still find a great overview of our variety of travel offers in our 2020/21 catalogue, which you can either read online or order to your home.

German Catalogue 2020/21

Online View

English Catalogue (2020/21)

Online View

Anniversary Magazine

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MTB by the SEA

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  TO NOTE: The prices, dates and services listed in our catalogs from 2020/2021 are no longer up-to-date. Some travel programs also changed in the meantime and new ships became part of our fleet. As usual, you will find the latest information on our website. If you are interested in background informations, articles, stories and recepies order our anniversary magazin.  

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