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Who We Are

In 1998 the founder of the company, Klaus Schenk, had the bright idea of combining a ships cruise with a cycling tour. Little did he know how many people he would inspire with his idea. Today we are proud to be recognised as a specialist tour operator for boat cruises in combination with cycle tours, mountain bike tours, e-bike tours, road bike training camps and multi-adventure programs. More about our success story can be found under, ‘’Islandhoppping is…’’.

Most important is the loyal and hardworking cooperation between the team and company director, Klaus Schenk. A team of 14 in the office at Lake Constance and 50 tour guides from all corners of the world strive to make your holiday an unforgettable experience (see office team and tour guides).

Our success is not only evident in the positive feedback sent in from our direct guests (see e-komi), but also through an array of articles published in the last few years reflecting on the ‘’Islandhopping’’ experience. See for yourself what others have to say about us in our press review.

Success does not just happen. Therefore we have a dedicated section on our website for our most important partner companies and sponsors. Inform yourself here which companies stand supportively at our side.

What our guests have to say

Islandhopping is..

When looking for an honest opinion of our tours, who better to ask then our guests themselves. Shortly after an Islandhopping experience, our camera man took a moment to ask our guests their opinions of our tours. Their impressions pieced together a colourful mosaic of what Islandhopping is all about.

Hear the honest opinions from our guests

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