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Islandhopping... SEA the world by bike and boat

Islandhopping tours are the perfect combination of a relaxed cruise and active cycling through the world’s most beautiful island destinations. With a boat as your floating accommodation you are able to explore new places in a very unique way, without having to pack your bags each day. At the same time we lay great value on a competent encounter with the cultural and natural surroundings of the country through which our journey takes us (see Philosophy).

Islandhopping was founded in the summer of 1998 with 60 participants spread across two tours. In the meantime we have more than 7000 enthusiastic guests from all over the world who travel with us each year on more than 280 tour dates. From then till now we have had a number of exciting years, throughout which we have continuously worked on expanding our tour offers (see Company History).

Are you unsure if Islandhopping is the right holiday experience for you? Our FAQ overview includes all the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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