Great Britain impresses with a symphony of colours, blue, white and green, rolling hills and towering mountains all cast in its distinctive light.

Great Britain - fascinating nature in mystic landscapes

Scotland and Northern Ireland: One hundred different shades of green, countless castles, unique light distinctions, and impressive corniches characterize the Scottish Highlands, the Inner Hebrids and Northern Ireland.

The cradle of the Celts and of Whisky strike with their originality, the untouched nature and particularly because of the local zest for life. The climate is shaped by the Gulf Stream, which insures a welcoming and mild climate.

“Sláinte!” – By bike/e-bike & tall ship Thalassa or Flying Dutchman you head towards the most beautiful spots of the wonderfully green countries.

Untamed nature, bagpipe melodies and unique culinary experiences will leave you under the charm of this mystical land.

from 1290 euro

Sail & Bike Scotland – Incl. Jura Island
from Oban/to Oban
8 Days/7 Nights
approx. 265 km

from 1390 euro

Sail & Bike Northern Ireland
from Bangor/to Bangor
8 Days/7 Nights
approx. 190 km

Trivia – The Bagpipes

A traditional Scottish instrument?

The Oxford History of Music states that the first written records of the bagpipe were found on stone tablets in Eyuk in the Middle East. These stone tablets were dated to 1000 years before Christ. It was much later, around 600 years ago, that the bagpipes embedded themselves in Scottish culture. Nevertheless, the Scots embrace the bagpipes as their national instrument. The melody accompanies almost any given event – in sport, weddings, festivals and also in the military. This tradition remains evident to this day.

Follow this link to get a musical foretaste

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