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Holland – Land of tulips, windmills and canals

Even if the country is officially called the Netherlands and Holland is only the western most region, Holland stands as a synonym for colorful tulip fields, cheese, polished wooden shoes, countless windmills and even more bicycles! Instead of mountains, Holland has dikes, canals, and thousands of bridges. Holland has without a doubt its very own unique charm characterized by the friendliness of its inhabitants, their easy going nature and unmatched hospitality.

The Wadden Sea and Ijsselmeer have many enchanting niches which can be navigated by tall ship and bike: quaint fishing villages with colorful timber-framed houses, vast landscapes riddled with dikes, traditional cheese markets and many further attractions wait to be discovered.

Good to know: All of the listed tours in Holland are operated by a partner tour operator, experts in the field, and can vary in their execution in comparison to traditional Islandhopping tours. A shared similarity is the accommodation on the boat, bike tours during the day – with exception to the guided tours – however are self-guided with the support of provided maps and signposts.

from 939 euro

Sail & Bike Holland IJsselmeer (unguided)
from Amsterdam/to Amsterdam
8 Days/7 Nights
approx. 210 km

from 1049 euro

Sail & Bike Holland Ijsselmeer (guided)
from Amsterdam/to Amsterdam
8 Days/7 Nights
approx. 223 km

from 999 euro

Sail & Bike Wadden Sea (unguided)
from Enkhuizen/to Enkhuizen
8 Days/7 Nights
approx. 265 km

from 1079 euro

Sail & Bike Holland Tulip Tour
from Amsterdam/to Amsterdam
8 Days/7 Nights
approx. 175 km

The sweet Dutch cuisine

From Stroopwafel to Poffertjes

Holland is very famous for its delicious cheese varieties such as Leerdamer, Maasdamer and above all Gouda. The fact that the land of windmills and tulips can also offer sweet delicacies is usually only discovered during a visit.

Particularly popular among locals are specialties such as Stroopwafels, two round waffles with a caramel filling, or Poffertjes, these are coin-sized, thick pancakes, sprinkled with powdered sugar and a piece of butter.

You better not start counting calories in Holland!

Here you get a small impression of how the sweet little pancakes are made

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