TURKEY - Between Orient and Okzident

The Turkish coastline thrives in untamed nature. Countless hidden bays, great cultural highlights and unsurpassed hospitality await you on your journey.

Turkey - Between Orient and Occident

Straddling the devide between orient and occident, Turkey looks back on a fascinating past: Hittites, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans have each left their mark in the wake of their greatness.

The cultural significance in combination with the beautiful untamed coastline and its countless beaches and hidden coves make every journey to Turkey an unforgettable experience.

In combination of bike/e-bike and boat along the Lycian Coast: Turkey impresses with its unsurpassed hospitality and multicultural diversity.

The Gulf of Gökova is a scenic gem – a highlight among our cycling tours in Turkey. It is here that Turkey shows itself from its original side: untamed nature with fantastic panoramas, small harbors, wonderfully clear waters and historical highlights – a very attractive holiday destination, worth exploring by bike and boat!

from 1390 euro

Bike & Boat Lycian Coast
from Bodrum/to Fethiye
8 Days/7 Nights
approx. 220 km

from 1190 euro

Bike & Boat Gulf of Gökova
from Bodrum/to Bodrum
8 Days/7 Nights
approx. 200 km

from 1190 euro

MTB & Boat Gulf of Gökova Standard
from Bodrum/to Bodrum
8 Days/7 Nights
approx. 190 km

A Culinary Journey through Turkey

Gözleme – the middle-eastern pancake

Gözleme are thin, mostly savoury, filled flat breads – a culinary specialty of the Anatolian kitchen. The all-time favourite fillings are feta cheese, spinach and fresh herbs. They are however also available with potato, well-seasoned mincemeat or capsicum fillings – or a mixture of them all.

The dough is made of 450g flour, 300ml water, 1tsp. sugar, 2tbsp. oil, 1 portion dry yeast and 1tsp. salt (makes 6 flatbreads).

Take a look at the traditional preparation of the Gözleme here

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