Islandhopping bike tour VIETNAM - Country of Contrasts
Eastern flair on the opposite side of the world

Vietnam - Eastern Flair in a Country of Contrasts

A land of origin, overwhelming nature and mystical monuments of the past, a country of contrast, pulsing cities and rural villages in which time were to have stood still.

Experience the eastern flair for two weeks in this extraordinary country on the opposite side of the world.

Let us show you Vietnam in all its multiplicity, taking you to temple sites and ancient pagodas, through luscious rice fields with their content water buffalos, into vibrant cities and onto quite islands – Vietnam in full colour.

from 2890 euro

Bike & Boat Vietnam
from Hanoi/to Ho Chi Minh City
15 Days/14 Nights
approx. 190 km

Tour Impressions – Mekong Delta

The granary of Vietnam

The Mekong. The largest river of Indochina and lifeline to millions of inhabitants. It flows through 5 countries before it arrives in the south of Vietnam and opens into a 70 000km² delta. A ships tour offers a great perspective. At a comfortable speed you pass through lavish natural settings, rich in colour, fruitful and abundant. Other parts of the river present the economic advantages of the meandering lifeline, such as the floating market in Can Tho.

Take a look at the traditionell rural life of Vietnam here

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