Leisure cycling with ‘tail wind’


If you enjoy to be active and outdoors but prefer leisurely activity then we can offer you our rental e-bikes, insuring comfortable cycling fun. All of our e-bikes are pedelecs requiring the rider to continuously pedal but insuring an effortless climb up every hill.

On all of our PLUS tours in Croatia as well as all tours with their starting point in Turkey we offer 28’’ e-bike models – Cube Dehli Hybrid Pro. On all other tours we can offer our guests a limited number of 20’’ e-bike models – i:SY Flyer.

If you already own an e-bike and would like to bring your private bike with you, please keep in mind that we have a strict weight restriction of 22kg. This restriction is to insure a healthy and safe working environment for our tour guides, who have to lift each bike onto and off the boat.

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