AEGEAN TRAILS – ways into the future

Cycling in the Aegean? Wonderful, mainly unspoilt nature, really hospitable inhabitants and mediterranean flair, everything is already here! Only the trails are missing! “Trail” is the magic word for the mountain bikers. These five letters make every biker’s heart beat faster and bring a mischievous broad grin across his/her face.

Mountain bikers come wherever a trail is. This can significantly help to extend the season period of an entire region and create many jobs in the hotel and catering industries as well as in the bike sector. The bike icon Ernesto Hutmacher from Bikehotel Massa Vecchia has detected the great potential of the Aegean and together with Islandhopping has launched 2017 Aegean Trails Project.

Aegean Trails is a supportive, inter-island initiative, which stands for a concept of path construction and maintenance, a uniform system of path signposting and a touristic usability of it. Step by step is emerging a new attractive bike region, which can benefit equally both locals and tourists. More information about cycling in the Aegean can be found worldwide on the information portal

The greek outdoor-moviemaker Emanouel Armoutakis accompanied one trailbuilding week and captured all experiences in impressive moving pictures.

Click here for the Trailbuilding movie

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