Our comfort ships

Included in the comfort category are some of the longest operating boats in the Islandhopping fleet.

Although the cabins are relatively small at 7 – 8 m², they are fitted and furnished functionally and comfortably. Most cabins offer two sleeping arrangements at ground level with some cabins offering a third bed, enabling small groups or families to share together. The small ensuite bathrooms are fitted with a WC and a small wash basin including an all-in-one shower.

Meal times take place in the ship’s own comfortable salon, while the ship’s deck offers plenty of space to relax in, enabling you to enjoy the sun and the salty sea breeze. Our comfort fleet includes the Tarin, Linda, Kapetan Jure as well as the Panagiota.

Trivia – KAIKI

Wooden boats with character

The Kaiki is the most common traditional boats type in Greece. The typically wide hull offers plenty of storage space whilst also offering surprisingly stable handling in rougher waters. It is therefore no surprise that these ships were commonly used as freight ships in ancient times. Before they became motorised, larger Kaiki would be brought into motion either by triangular lateen sails or by a gaff rig as by the Dhow. Our Panagiota was built in image of this traditional Greek boats type.

Here is a short film about the Panagiota

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