Leisurely or athletic?

Do you enjoy to discover a new country by touring bike, preferably with a little electric suport, or would you rather leave the trodden track on an athletic mountain bike adventure?

Our Tour Types

Islandhopping – A holiday with bike and boat.

Meanwhile Islandhopping is available both for the leasurley trekking bike cyclist looking for a cultural experience as well as for the ambitious mountain biker or road biker looking to put his skills to the test.

Regardless of whether or not your interests lie in touring or mountain biking or if you prefer ”tailwind” support in form of an e-bike; Islandhopping has a suitable tour for you.

Are you an open ocean, tall ship loving sea dog, or is the comfort of a modern motor sailer a more enticing alternative – you are sure to find the fitting boat to your adventure with us.

Should you be looking for a journey fit for the whole family then look no further then our good-for-all Multi Adventure tours, suitable for all ages and interests.

Do you prefer to break loose from the crowd and explore for yourself? Our Hotel and Bike tour packages, including lugguage transport, are perfect for individualists.

With Qloom stylish from Island to Island

Qloom the world - Do what you love!

Qloom the world – Do what you love! The new Swiss sports apparel brand QLOOM brings new energy, quality and vibrant colours to the outdoors world. Characterised by the surfers lifestyle, Qloom speaks for fashion, lifestyle and design – with great attention to detail, function and fit.

The heart of the Qloomies beats to the bikers rhythm – the mutual world of ‘Mountain and Sea’ makes Islandhopping and Qloom a dream team.

All about the Swiss sports brand Qloom

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