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Bike & Boat

Bike tours at a feel-good pace

by Bike & Boat

Do you love the sea? Do you enjoy exploring countries by bike? Our bike and boat tours combine these two travel concepts to create one incredibly special cycling holiday. Be active, pedalling your way through the country by hybrid bike or e-bike and relax onboard a boat as you cruise from island to island. Our caring and competent tour guides will show you the most beautiful corners of every island along the way and, with plenty of wit and charm, will tell you all about the country, its history, and its people.

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Island hopping by Bike & Boat

Do you enjoy travelling by boat? Are you intrigued by the idea of exploring the most beautiful islands in the world? And most importantly, do you also enjoy cycling at a feel-good pace, fast enough to see plenty of what each island has to offer yet slow enough to enjoy its beauty? Then our Bike and Boat tours are perfect for you! This travel concept brings together the fun of daily cycling tours with the luxury of living on a motor yacht for a week. Cycle on different islands and new routes every day while your floating hotel sails to the next harbour, waiting your return. A good amount of culture as well as plenty of relaxation and enjoyment complete the Islandhopping experience.


During our Island hopping tours, handpicked motor sailors and yachts will be your comfortable home for the week. Once settled into your cabin, you can forget about packing and unpacking your bags for a week and simply enjoy the stress-free island-to-island crossings. When hunger strikes, the on-board cuisine is sure to satisfy anyone’s cravings. On every bike tour, you will be accompanied by our carefully trained and capable Islandhopping guides, who will take you to the most spectacular places on the islands. So, there is no need to worry about losing the way. In addition to the guided bike tours, there are also opportunities on all our Bike & Boat trips to see wonderful sights, listen to interesting lectures, and go on exciting city tours. Our guides often have great insider tips which you are unlikely to find in any travel guide!


Though this is a cycling vacation, how much cycling you do is totally up to you! If you prefer to relax and unwind for a while in between all the activity and excitement, then simply stay on board and enjoy the fresh sea breeze on your skin! Alternatively, you could stretch your legs and take a stroll through one of the many picturesque harbour towns.


We offer our Bike and Boat tours in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, and Vietnam. If you enjoy this kind of island hopping holiday, why not come back another year and get to know a new country or region?


Requirements for our Bike & Boat tours


All our cycling tours require a basic level of fitness as well as safe bike handling. However, there is something very important to us at Islandhopping regarding all our bike tours: it is a vacation and it is your time to have fun and relax. Therefore, we don’t want you to feel pressured at any point during the cycling tours which is why we ensure that there is always plenty of time to complete the tours at a comfortable pace. There is always time to stop for a drink, to take photos or simply to enjoy the view! Our Bike & Boat tours were designed to be guided cycling tours. However, as long as it is discussed with the guides beforehand and a suitable route is chosen, nothing should stand in the way of individual bike tours, should this be your wish.

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Difficulty Levels of our Bike & Boat Tours:

It is impossible to predict whether a cycling tour will be easy or difficult for a guest. Several factors play a major role such as individual physical fitness, general well-being, and how each individual copes with cycling in different temperatures.


Nevertheless, to give an idea of the requirements for our Bike & Boat tours, we have categorised them into different levels of difficulty:


  • Level 1 Easy cycling tours for Islandhoppers who are confident on their bike but prefer less hilly terrain (15-30km and 200 meters of elevation per day).
  • Level 1 - 2 Easy to medium tours through hilly terrain for Islandhoppers with a good basic level of fitness (20-35km and 200-400 meters of elevation per day).
  • Level 2 Intermediate cycling tours through hilly terrain for Islandhoppers who ride regularly and can cope with longer climbs (25-40km and 300-500 meters of elevation per day).
  • Level 2 - 3 Intermediate to demanding cycling tours through hilly to mountainous terrain for Islandhoppers who are not afraid of putting in the effort (30-50km and 400-700 meters of elevation per day).
  • Level 3 Demanding cycling tours through hilly and mountainous terrain for Islandhoppers who can manage steeper climbs (30-60km and 400-800 meters of elevation per day).


Guided Group Pace:

On most of our Bike & Boat tours you can choose between a hybrid bike and an e-bike. However, the guided group pace is based on the speed of the hybrid bike cyclists. Those who rent an e-bike on a hybrid bike tour are asked to show consideration for those who ride without electronic assistance. Hybrid bike cyclists need more breaks and more time to cycle the hills. We thank you for your understanding.



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