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Bike & Boat

Vietnamese Adventure · Vietnam

From 3190 €
from Hanoi / to Ho Chi Minh
15 days /
14 nights
183 km
Level 1 - 2
Level 1
Easy cycling tours suitable for islandhoppers who are confident on their bikes but prefer riding on flatter terrain (15-30km and 200 elevation meters per day).
Level 1 - 2
Easy to moderate cycling tours through hilly terrain suitable for islandhoppers who have a good basic level of fitness (20-35km and up to 200-400 elevation meters per day).
Level 2
Moderate cycling tours through hilly terrain suitable for islandhoppers who cycle regularly and feel comfortable with longer climbs (25-40km and 300-500 elevation meters per day).
Level 2 -3
Moderate to demanding cycling tours through hilly to mountainous terrain suitable for islandhoppers who like a challenge (30-50km and 400-700 elevation meters per day).
Level 3
Demanding cycling tours through hilly and mountainous terrain suitable for islandhoppers who can take on steeper climbs (30-60km and 400-800 elevation meter per day).

A fascinating country brimming with contrasts

Vietnam is a thrilling country full of contrasts, overwhelmingly spectacular nature, and mysterious monuments of times gone by. The country is home to bustling, vibrant cities and rural districts with deep-rooted traditions and an irrepressible optimism. Vietnam boasts ever changing landscapes and one of the most diverse cuisine cultures in the world. Spend two weeks actively exploring this fascinating country and immerse yourself in the vibrant far eastern flair. Explore the rocky fairy-tale world of the famous Ha Long Bay sailing on a traditional junk. Admire the lush green rice fields, visit colourful temples and pagodas, and let the emerald-green waters of the South China Sea enchant you. Explore the impressive monuments of the Vietnamese emperors as well as the historical town of Hoi An, a World Heritage Site, in Central Vietnam, and the expansive water labyrinth of the Mekong Delta in South Vietnam.

TO NOTE: This trip is already updated for the 2024 season. Itinerary, prices and services may vary compared to 2023.

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Culture: Huế with its relics of the old imperial dynasties as well as the "Lantern City" Hội To
Nature: The island world of the Hạ Long Bay and the impressive Mekong Delta
Activity: Kayak tour in Lan Ha Bay
Culinary: Phở, traditional Vietnamese soup
Souvenirs: Tailored, silk clothes are a beautiful, and useful, souvenir


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