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E-Bike & Boat

Enjoy cycling with a “tailwind”

by E-Bike & Boat

Our E-Bike and Boat tours combine relaxing cruises and active e-bike tours to create a wonderful week of travel, the perfect cycle and cruise holiday. Relax on board an elegant motor yacht and explore Croatia’s most beautiful islands with ease. Competent guides will accompany you throughout the week, leading guided e-bike tours and showing you the most spectacular sights Croatia, Greece and Turkey has to offer!

Tour Month

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If you are not too worried about everyone in the group keeping a similar pace, then you may also enjoy our regular Bike & Boat tours with an e-bike. Rental e-bikes are available in limited numbers on the following tours, which include both hybrid cyclists and e-bikers:

Islandhopping by E-Bike & Boat

Our E-Bike and Boat Tours in Croatia are the perfect holiday solution for anyone who has long dreamt of taking part in a island hopping tour but does not feel confident summiting Croatia’s hills or keeping up with more speedy cyclists. Our e-bike holidays offer all the enjoyment and advantages of a cruise vacation: the boat acts as a floating hotel bringing you safely from port to port. On board, a feel-good atmosphere and excellent service is guaranteed. Once ashore, the e-bike vacation begins with cycle routes that lead to the most magnificent corners of the islands! With an e-bike every climb is not only manageable but greatly enjoyable. The support of the “tailwind” gives you more freedom to lift your head and admire the beauty around you.


Over the past years, luxurious and spacious boats with stylish and elegant interiors have been built especially for our e-bike tours. All boats in this class also have a bicycle cargo hold. This allows for the safe transport of a large number of high-quality rental e-bikes, protecting them from the weather, and ensuring that all batteries are fully charged before the next cycling tour.

Carefully trained and competent guides will accompany you on all the e-bike tours, taking you to the most beautiful spots on the islands. So, there is no need to worry about losing. In addition to the guided e-bike tours, there are also opportunities to see wonderful sights, listen to interesting lectures, and go on exciting city tours. Additionally, our E-Bike & Boat tours include tastings of local specialities as well as other little surprises along the way.


We offer e-bike holidays in Croatia both in the Kvarner Bay and in Dalmatia.


Requirements for our E-Bike & Boat tours


All our island hopping tours require a basic level of fitness as well as safe bike handling. There is always plenty of time to complete the tours. Every day our tour guides will give you a detailed description of the day’s tour and its difficulty. Our E-Bike & Boat tours were designed to be guided cycling tours. However, as long as it is discussed with the guides beforehand and a suitable route is chosen, nothing should stand in the way of individual e-bike tours, should this be your wish.

Difficulty Levels of our Bike & Boat Tours:

It is impossible to predict whether a specific e-bike tour will be easy or difficult for a guest. Several factors play a major role, such as the individual physical fitness and general well-being of each guest as well as how each individual copes cycling in different temperatures.


Nevertheless, to give you an idea of the requirements of our E-Bike & Boat tours, we have separated them into two different levels of difficulty (for e-bikers):



  • Level 1 E-bike tours for Islandhoppers with a good basic level of fitness. The tours and the elevation meters can be completed comfortably by e-bike (30-60km and 400-700 elevation meters per day).
  • Level 2 E-bike tours for Islandhoppers with endurance. The tours are long; however, the length and elevation meters can be completed comfortably by e-bike (60-130km and 400-1,000 elevation meters per day).


Guided Group Pace:

It is possible to take part on our E-Bike & Boat tours with a hybrid bike. However, the guided group pace is oriented towards the e-bikers. If you choose to ride a hybrid bike on an e-bike tour, you should not be surprised by a faster pace. Hybrid cyclists should have the necessary fitness to cycle at this speed. We thank you for your understanding.


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