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MTB & Boat

Exhilarating summits
with enchanting sea views

by MTB & Boat

Islandhopping combines MTB tours and boat cruises creating unforgettable MTB & Boat vacation. This unique active holiday by bike and boat is sure to get any biker's heart racing. Flowy trails alternate with technical passages. If it’s a great trail, we’ll find it and ride it!

Tour Month

Islandhopping by MTB & Boat

Spend a week on a motor yacht or tall ship, sailing from island to island. Cycle through spectacular landscapes and along some of the best trails in the world. Dive into the shimmering turquoise sea in secluded bays. Sit back and relax in quaint bars in the many picturesque coastal villages each ripe with their own fascinating history. These combined elements are what create such an unforgettable bike holiday by MTB & Boat.


Despite the active aspect of our bike and boat holidays standing in the foreground, taking time to relax, have fun, and get to know the country are all important parts of the Islandhopping experience. Accompanied by our certified local guides, the focus of these trips lies on exciting MTB tours through diverse Mediterranean landscapes. The terrain offers everything a mountain biker could wish for: flowy trails along hidden bays, technical passages on lose ground as well as downhill steps, panoramic nature trails, quiet asphalt roads and waterfront promenades. Though the active aspect of our bike and boat tours naturally takes centre stage, relaxation and an authentic experience of your chosen destination country are just as important on all our MTB holidays.

©Moritz Ablinger

We offer two alternatives for our MTB & Boat tours: our MTB STANDARD tours take place alongside our hybrid bike tours on the same boat. This allows couples or friends with different cycling preferences to still travel together, while touring on their favoured two-wheeler during the day. Our MTB SPECIAL tours are exclusively for mountain bikers and, wherever possible, guides will split up and offer different MTB routes of varying difficulty levels.


We offer MTB & Boat tours in Croatia, Greece, Italy, and Turkey. If you enjoy this kind of MTB holiday, why not come back another year and get to know a new country or region?

©Arnau Navarro

Requirements for our MTB & Boat tours


All our MTB tours require a basic level of fitness as well as safe bike handling skills. Our MTB & Boat tours were designed to be guided bike tours. However, as long as it is clarified with the guides beforehand and a suitable route is chosen, nothing should stand in the way of individual bike tours, should this be your wish.


Difficulty Levels of our MTB & Boat Tours:

It is impossible to predict whether a cycling tour will be easy or difficult for a guest. Several factors play a major role, e.g. the physical fitness of the individual, general well-being, and how each individual copes with cycling in differing temperatures.


Nevertheless, to give you an idea of the requirements of our MTB & Boat tours, we have separated them into different levels of difficulty:


  • Level 1 Easy mountain bike tours for Islandhoppers who are confident with and have good control over their bike. Most tours follow asphalt roads and wide natural trails (20-30 km and 200-400 meters of elevation gain per day, S0).
  • Level 1 - 2 Easy to intermediate mountain bike tours for Islandhoppers with a good level of fitness and good bike control. Tours predominantly follow nature trails and easy single trails (20-40km and 300-500 meters of elevation gain per day, S0-S1).
  • Level 2 Intermediate mountain bike tours for Islandhoppers who enjoy riding on diverse terrain and are used to climbs of up to 500m (30-50km and 400-600 meters of elevation gain per day, S0-S2.
  • Level 2 - 3 Intermediate to demanding mountain bike tours for Islandhoppers who are confident riding on various terrain and who have a good level of fitness and bike control. Tours mostly follow hiking trails and single trails (30-60km and 400-750 meters of elevation gain per day, S0-S2).
  • Level 3 Demanding mountain bike tours for Islandhoppers with excellent bike control and a love for technical trails. Tours mostly follow hiking trails and single trails (30-60km and 500-1,000 meters of elevation gain per day, S0-S3).


Single Trail Classification

To make sure that you are well prepared for your bike trip and know what technical requirements you can expect on the different bike stages, we have tried to classify the single trails for the different tours. For the classification of the various levels, we have used the European single trail scale as reference (


Blue (easy, S0-S1): Smaller obstacles such as flat roots, small stones, the occasional gulley, erosion damage, gradients up to 40%, possible lose ground, tight curves but no hairpin bends. Basic riding skills required, controlled braking, dynamic weight dispersal, riding standing up. Obstacles can be rolled over.


Red (intermediate, S2): Surface usually loose, larger stones and occasionally roots, flat ledges and stairs, gradients up to 70%, slight hairpin bends, constant readiness to brake, exact control over the brakes and shifting of the body's centre of gravity.


Black (difficult, S3-S5): Blocked single trails, many large stones, rocks and occasionally roots, slippery ground, loose scree, high ledges, gradient greater than 70%, narrow hairpin bends, expert bike control required.


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