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Road Bike & Boat

Time to get out of hibernation!

by Road Bike & Boat

It’s time to get out of hibernation! Indulge your road bike passion on our Road Bike & Boat Training Camp in the beautiful island-world of Dalmatia. Tread down on your pedals during the day and improve both your fitness and cycling technique under professional guidance. After the ride it’s time to hop on board the boat and navigate to the next island, where you can spend the evening exploring the idyllic harbour town. A road bike vacation like no other!

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Our Road Bike & Boat Training Camp

Holiday and training – do they go hand in hand? Our answer is a resounding yes: on our Road Bike & Boat Training Camp in Dalmatia! If you are a road bike enthusiast this holiday is the perfect opportunity to cycle yourself fit in time for the new season after a long winter break. You will also have the opportunity to improve your cycling technique under professional guidance. Best of all, you will discover a beautiful region of Croatia along the way, together with likeminded people.

During the week you will be able to call a comfortable motor yacht your home. Enjoy incredible, new landscapes every day without having to worry about moving to new accommodation, constantly repacking or the hassle of luggage transport. Living on board a boat for the week allows you to focus solely on training during the day. There’s nothing like the burning thighs, the fast pace and the adrenaline rush you get from cycling through the hills of the Kvarner Bay. Be ready to tackle plenty of elevation gain and look forward to steep climbs with the reward of quick descents!


Training hard allows you to truly enjoy post-cycle relaxation. Rest and unwind on the sun deck or let the wind blow through your hair as the boat sails to the next island. Recharge for the next day’s training while enjoying a sunset view from a charming harbour town bar.


What are you waiting for? Get out of hibernation! Get on your road bike and start pedalling!


Requirements for our Road Bike & Boat Training Camps


Our road bike training camps require participants to have a good level of fitness and cycling technique, which regular cyclists are sure to have.


Difficulty Levels of our Road Bike & Boat Training Camp:


  • Level 2 - 3 Intermediate to demanding road bike tours through hilly to mountainous terrain including sections with steep climbs (30-120km and 500-1,700 meters of elevation per day)
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