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Girolibero - Easy Cycling holidays

We have been running cycling tours in Italy, France and Europe since 1998: we programme, organize, provide assistance and test all our tours, making sure that the routes are quiet, the food tasty and the beds comfy. We offer both guided and self-guided tours.

In 2008 we shipped the “Bike and Boat” formula over to Italy – quite literally. There were no suitable barges available here for this type of holiday, so we decided to buy and transport the Vita Pugna barge over from Holland. In 2011 we built and launched our second barge, the 4-star “floating hotel” Ave Maria, and they now sail along the waterways of Northern Italy to Venice. Since 2011 we also exclusive charter two romantic barges in Provence and Camargue.

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What Girolibero offers to its clients

Over 40 people work in our team, which has grown and grown over the last 10 years, with all the enthusiasm of an extended family.
In 2015 we moved to our new headquarters in Vicenza, 1.500 mq of offices where we organize all our tours for 15.000 Italian and foreign customers.

You can now take a virtual tour of our new headquarters on “Google Maps”, visiting our offices and workshop:

Our growth through Girolibero

Girolibero and Islandhopping are more than good business partners for many years. What connects them is a friendship, trust as well as a regular exchange of ideas and by now the joint organization of travels. Each year Girolobero sends a lot of italian guests to our bicycle cruises and also books full charter trips for only italian speaking guests on a regular basis. For all this we would like to thank Girolibero founder Pierpaolo Romio and his fantastic team. We’re looking forward to future cooperation.

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