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Our E-Road Bikes

Our e-road bikes combine all the advantages of a cyclocross road bike with the advances in e-mobility, providing reliable and gentle motor support over all terrains. A sophisticated drivetrain provides the cyclist with enough assistance without dominating the biking experience. The integrated ‘Enough Power’ and ‘Enough Energy’ concept is responsible for the even distribution of support. As the motor is located in the rear wheel hub, a frictionless riding experience is possible even when cycling without the support of the motor.

Orbea Gain D40

The Ultimate E-Road Bike

The Orbea Gain D40 is the perfect bike to take on various terrain from smooth asphalt roads to gravel tracks. The position of the tires, the possibility to equip the bike with various components, and the functional all-road geometry make it possible to adapt the Gain to the individual preferences of the cyclist. Topped off with a high-quality Shimano Tiagra gear system and hydraulic Shimano disc brakes this truly is a champion amongst e-road bikes. The ‘Enough Power’ and ‘Enough Energy’ concept make the bike lighter, more agile yet still athletic, providing the cyclist with just enough battery

Orbea Gain D40

Technical details

  • Wheels 28‘‘
  • Gears 2x10-speed Shimano Tiagra
  • Brakes Shimano RS405 hydraulic disc brakes
  • Frame Aluminium with carbon forks
  • Engine Mahle motor hub X35 Plus
  • Weight 13.9 kg

Orbea Gain D40


  • Croatia


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