My favourite Islandhopping tour is… because…:
I love all of the Islandhopping tours! It’s always a magical moment to travel by boat, interact with friendly, trustworthy, generous locals, meet people, who get friends for life or just for the journey – both is equally valuable! I love to just observe the daily life … not taking life to serious!

Favourite activities aside from cycling:
Reading, writing short stories, skating, volunteering in schools in the very little spare time that I have. If I could choose my own life it would be a life of
constant motion… and right now it is.

What I enjoy about my job as a guide the most:
I am passionate about my job. It challenges me every day, keeps me awake and gives me the opportunity to show all my talents. I get to interact with people from very different backgrounds and what I appreciate the most about this job is the freedom to think outside the box.

You will most likely find me in… (Country where I am most active as a guide):
Wherever you find me, I’m sure I’ll be glad to see you travel with us.

If I weren’t busy “Islandhopping” I would be…..:
I would be me. And that is nice about Islandhopping: You can be yourself.

What do I do in winter?
I visit the guests that ask me that question.

My all-time favourite movie:
I love Fellini’s movies… and if I had to choose one it would probably be La Dolce Vita

My all-time favourite album:
There are so many good musicians and bands, I really can’t decide. There is something likeable about each of them…

I speak the following languages:
Croatian, German and English.

I have been guiding for Islandhopping since:
I don’t really know. It seems like I came here yesterday. Everything is so fresh and new every day!

Any questions?

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