We have to be prepared for everything – even for the good!

Dear Islandhoppers,

due to the ever increasing restrictions being put in place in order to slow the spread of the Corona-Virus, we have decided to work from home. Therefore our availability by telephone will be drastically reduced. You can however continue to communicate with us via email. If you see the need to contact us per phone, please send us an email with your phone number and our team will do their best to organize a call with you.

It is difficult at this time to make decisions for the future – therefore we would appreciate your understanding and patience in respect to our departure dates which take place in more than 6 weeks from now. All decisions which are made must be made with great care in order to protect tourism worldwide.

Please take good care of yourselves and stay healthy!

Our latest updates to the Corona-Virus and its impact on our tours can be found via the following link:

CORONA VIRUS – Information on the current situation

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