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Cycling Tours

Islandhopping is the perfect cycling vacation for any cyclist. If you’re a leisure cyclist who would like to get to know a country and its culture by bike, our bike and boat and e-bike and boat tours were made for you. If you’re an ambitious cyclist wanting a challenge, come and get your money’s worth on our MTB or road bike tours. If you prefer to travel alone rather than in a group, our hotel and bike tours are the perfect solution for the independent traveller.

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Islandhopping is...

1.     Activity, Relaxation and Enjoyment Combined


Islandhopping is a well-balanced holiday package which combines activity, relaxation, culture, and enjoyment creating the perfectly balanced package



Cyclists in front of the Primosten peninsula in Croatia

The perfect amount of activity

Whether choosing a hybrid bike, e-bike, mountain bike or road bike tour, every guest should get their desired level of activity without feeling overwhelmed. We classify all our tours into different levels of difficulty and ensure that everyone feels comfortable and can ride at their own speed on every tour. Should a guest prefer to skip a day or two on the bike, they are always welcome to stay on board and enjoy the waves and the fresh sea breeze.



Enjoy limitless relaxation

Indulgence and relaxation are the well-deserved rewards that follow a day full of activity: A delicious meal, a wonderful view, a swim in the sea, a tasty coffee in the harbour, watching the dolphins play in front of the ship, the roar of the waves in your ears as you walk along the sand, or simply lying back with closed eyes as you soak in the sun. It is important for us that there is plenty of time and space for our guests to relax and enjoy themselves on all our tours. And relaxation feels best after having put in the hard yards first!



Close up of a coffee cup on a ship's rail

2.     Adventure with Comfort


Guests on board in their stateroom

Your floating hotel - the perfect travel companion

Those who enjoy travelling and, more specifically, visiting as many places as possible, know the stress that comes with the constant moving from place to place. Island hopping offers the advantage of accommodation that travels alongside our tours. This way, our guests can travel from island to island without the hassle of packing, unpacking and repacking their suitcases. After a tiring bike tour our floating hotel will be waiting for you when we arrive at the next harbour.



Fresh from the galley


We combine the adventure of living on a boat and anchoring in secluded bays with the comfort of absolute carefree holidaying. On board the ship the attentive crew take care of everything. The kitchen team serves our guests fresh, seasonal, and local delicacies every day, while the captain and sailors ensure safe travel from port to port.

Fresh seafood with spring onions in a pan
Boaticon on wavy line


3.     Don’t Just Observe Culture – Experience It!


Sometimes when travelling to different countries you can start to feel that once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. But each and every country and culture is unique, and once you begin to take notice of this, no two countries can possibly be seen as the same again! The culture, history, and quirky little-known facts of each country play a very special role on our Island hopping tours.


We place great importance on non-invasive and well-informed encounters with the everyday life, nature, culture, present-day situations, and history of our travel destinations. We work hard to ensure that our guests are able to experience the essence, soul, and special atmosphere of each individual country. Only then can a holiday be one that is truly set apart from others, as a memorable journey to a unique place.


4.     Carefree Travel with Two Pairs of Helping Hands


On our cycling tours there are always two competent guides leading the way. They take our guests safely to the most remote corners of every island and share interesting facts about the country, its people and culture with plenty of charm and wit to go around.


The advantage of having two tour guides: On every island hopping tour we have double the support to ensure the safety of our guests both when cycling and onboard as well as to make sure that the holiday runs as smoothly as possible. Should a guest require extra assistance during a tour, one guide can remain with them while the rest of the group continues with the second guide. This way, everyone is taken care of and nobody misses out.


5.     Freedom! Nothing is a Must, Everything is a Possibility


Our active tours are incredibly dynamic. In addition to our bike tours, our guests can also participate in city tours, lectures, hikes, and delicious culinary experiences. It is always up to each individual whether or not they would like to take part. Every morning after breakfast, the tour guides give a detailed overview of the day. They let everyone know the length and difficulty of the routes and the requirements for the different stages of the tour. Afterwards it is up to each guest to decide how they would like to spend their day. Island hopping offers independence for every travel enthusiast.

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