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BikeTours.com are the representatives for 70 bike tour operators (including Islandhopping) offering 150+ bike tours in 38 European countries. A team of tour advisors helps travellers choose, plan, book, and embark on the tour of their dreams.

What BikeTours.com offers its clients

BikeTours.com’s objective is to spread the joy of bicycle tours, leading the adventure travel industry in helping travellers find, plan, and book bicycle tours all around the world. BikeTours.com enables travellers to experience the bicycle tours of their dreams, their passionate, knowledgeable team informing, inspiring, and supporting clients every step of the way. They also create nurturing partnerships with local bicycle tour operators around the globe.



Islandhopping's growth through BikeTours.com

BikeTours.com founder Jim Johnson is an equally passionate traveller as he is a tour operator. Our encounters with Jim have been very enriching not only because he and his team are full of brilliant ideas, but also because they are truly supportive partners. We are highly appreciative of the exchange of ideas between our team at Islandhopping and Jim and his team. Year after year, BikeTours.com sends over 100 happy guests to take part in tours with us at Islandhopping. For this we are incredibly grateful and would like to thank BikeTours.com from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to our future cooperation.