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Cycle Croatia

Cycle Croatia is a Croatian company founded in 2002. We are specialists in biking holidays as well as in bike and transfer services in Croatia.

What Cycle Croatia offers its clients

Cycle Croatia is located on Croatia’s largest peninsula, the beautiful Istria. From our offices here, we organise our own tours as well as the tours for our partner Islandhopping. We provide all the bicycles for the Islandhopping tours and also ensure everything is prepared to guarantee the guests’ happiness and comfort while taking part in the tours. We are a colourful mix of management, administration, product management, logistics, mechanics, and tour guiding. In this constellation each of us has our own focus area. We work conscientiously together, forming a well-functioning, professional and friendly team.



Islandhopping's gratitude for Cycle Croatia

We owe Cycle Croatia many years of reliable logistics: The Cycle Croatia buses not only transfer our guests and bicycles to the Islandhopping embarkation harbours. In addition, Cycle Croatia stores and maintains all the rental bikes used on Islandhopping tours. They also provide hotel deals in Croatia and play a major role in the implementation of our Hotel & Bike tours. For all this, but above all for the many years of friendship and loyalty, we would like to thank the team at Cycle Croatia.