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With over 120 years of experience, the family-owned company Deuter offers specialized backpacks and sleeping bags for hiking tours and ski tours, mountain biking, hybrid bike cycling, climbing and much more. Through the outstanding development of their products created together with experienced athletes, Deuter has managed to drive innovation and comfort in this field over the past decades.

What Deuter offers its clients

Alongside the outstanding comfort and the sophisticated functionality of the Deuter backpacks, it is the durability, reliability, and sustainability of their products as well as their responsible and reliable customer service that have been of such importance for customers choosing Deuter.

Islandhopping's growth through Deuter

We at Islandhopping are very proud to be able to call ourselves part of the Deuter Family, being very like-minded when it comes to quality and service. The Deuter bike backpacks especially have proven to be the ideal everyday companions for our guides: In addition to their high level of wearing comfort and their secure fit, our guides love the well-thought-out features, storage and pockets. Many thanks to Deuter for their confidence in, friendship with, and enthusiasm for Islandhopping! We’re looking forward to our future cooperation.