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Fueled by founder Hennie van den Hengel’s passion for cycling, Tripsite began as a small business in a spare bedroom in the family home. The company, though still family owned, has since grown from its humble beginnings in 1999 and now operates worldwide from its home office.


What Tripsite offers its clients:

Tripsite offers a wide range of biking, biking and boating, hiking, and multi adventure tours that everyone, from young to old, foodies to thrill seekers, can enjoy. With a focus on its relationships, both with clients and with trusted partners such as Islandhopping, Tripsite aims to:

  • Provide the best customer service anywhere, anytime, any place
  • Offer an opportunity for every traveler to explore the world and enjoy the journey



Islandhopping's growth through Tripsite

Our encounter with Hennie van den Hengel changed Islandhopping significantly. The fact that we were able to inspire her, someone who has cycled so much in the most diverse places throughout the world, with our travel concept, makes us very proud to this day. We have Tripsite to thank for many guests from the North American region, and for this we are very grateful for Hennie, Carla, and the whole team at Tripsite. We appreciate the uncomplicated and fruitful cooperation we have had and look forward to our further partnership.