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by boat & bike

Discover the most beautiful islands in the world - our floating hotel accompanies you


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by bike & boat

Discover the most beautiful islands in the mediterranean, northern europe and far east


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by bike & boat

Discover the most beautiful islands in the world - by hybrid bike, mtb, e-bike or road bike


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by boat & bike

Discover the most beautiful islands in the world - by tall ships, cozy motor yachts and deluxe boats


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by bike & boat

Discover the most beautiful islands in the world by hybrid bike, mtb, e-bike or road bike.


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A Winning Combination:
Boat and Bike


For over a quarter century we have been exploring the world's most beautiful islands and coasts by bike and boat! Whether in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Scotland, Scandinavia, Holland, or Vietnam, Island hopping has an abundance on offer!


The secret ingredient: You stay overnight on a boat and enjoy all the advantages of a traveling accommodation. This way you can hop from island to island without the hassle of packing your suitcase. After a strenuous bike tour, your floating home is already waiting for you in the next port. It is quite common to smell the freshly prepared food from the galley upon arrival. And could there be anything more enjoyable than dropping anchor and swimming break in a postcard-like bay?


On all of our bike tours you are accompanied by our competent guides, who not only lead you safely to the most remote corners of all islands, but also share interesting facts about the host country and its inhabitants. Decide for yourself whether you want to travel more casually by bike or e-bike or more actively by mountain or road bike.

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A Suitable Tour
For Every Cycling Fan


Bike & Boat Bike tours at a feel-good pace
MTB & Boat Exhilarating summits with sea views
E-Bike & Boat Enjoy cycling with “tailwind”
Sail & Bike Free like the wind
Multi Adventure Cruise Holiday fun for the whole family
Road Bike & Boat Time to get out of hibernation!
Hotel & Bike The classic concept on new routes
River Cruises Explore europe’s most beautiful rivers

What our Guests
Have to Say

Trip was excellent. Staff were kind, thoughtful, and accommodating. Guides were knowledgeable and patient. Cycling routes were well thought out. Safety was paramount. I might have reconsidered if I had known how challenging the rides would be, or opted for an ebike. I think that was not clearly evident on the information, so the level of cycling should be particularly highlighted.

This is our 3rd trip with Island Hopping and it was the best we experience. The ship was in beautiful condition, all of the staff were cheerful, helpful and accomodating and our Guides were easy going, informative and very organized. We have high praise for ** and *** who absolutely made the trip a perfect vacation. They are the best team.

Very friendly and knowledgeable Guides. Friendly crew. Great food on the boat and also lovely lunches organized by guide. Plenty of time to swim and relax. Altogether a fun holiday. My fourth or fifth trip with Inselhuepfen. Always well organized.

A fantastic way to see Croatia! The ship and crew were great and the guides absolutely fantastic. Island Hopping have also been extremely flexible and helpful when our plans were in doubt due to Covid-19. It's great to see a holiday company who are helping their customers through this tricky period and this would give us the confidence to book with them again in the future.

I highly recommend booking through Island Hopping. Communication, especially during these challenging times with coronavirus, was excellent. The itinerary provided was very detailed and provided more than enough information. The guides were extremely knowledgeable and kept us safe on the roads. They were also just a lot of fun to hang out with. I could not have asked for a more pleasurable trip - just the right amount of exercise and relaxation. Also, the food was top notch - way more delectable …

Staying on Osman Kurt is the most relaxing holyday I can imagine. Overnighting in a peaceful bay, swimming in the blue sea and enjoying the sun and wind while sailing. Mointain biking in the beautiful surroundings of Gulf of Gökova was a great experience. The crew on Osman Kurt took good care of us and we enjoyed the delicious Turkish cuisine everday. Our guides,***
were just fantastic! Great experience, great holyday :-)

Excellent trip!! The guides were absolutely superb. The organisation was faultless. Will definitely travel again.

**** was fantastic - professional, always in a good mood, entertaining in his descriptions, knowledgeable. We could not have asked for a better guide.
As for the tour, everything ran very smoothly. Well planned, interesting stops and sites, we coordinated. The restaurants were well chosen, often too much food, but it was all very tasty. I enjoyed all the bike routes except the very last one was not interesting, I think this could be improved upon. I will tour with island hopping again.

Absolutely fantastic two weeks in Vietnam! Seamless organisation, amazing guides, lovely accommodation and wonderful people and country. Could not recommend enough.

We went with the same company to Croatia a few years earlier and was also fabulous!

Our Travel Destinations


Islandhopping takes you by Bike & Boat or Hotel & Bike to the most beautiful islands and coastal regions all around the world where you will get to know the heart and soul of a country in a totally unique way!


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Our Fleet


Our Islandhopping fleet, with enthusiastic cyclists on board, cruises mainly in the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea.  The ships are as varied as the expectations and wishes of our guests.


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We proudly present: The MS Panagiota

The motor sailer Panagiota on an island hopping cruise in Greece

Discover a world of GREEN and BLUE onboard the Panagiota

For many years, Islandhoppers have been experiencing the wonderous Greek island world on land and sea with the delightful motor sailer Panagiota. The cosy wooden ship instils a warm, feel-good atmosphere while the experienced crew never fails to impress their Islandhopping guests with their traditional Greek hospitality.


The Panagiota cruises through the archipelago of the Ionian Islands starting from Corfu. This is a magical world of evergreen islands, crystal-clear seas shimmering in a hundred shades of blue, and breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Panoramic bike tours round off an extraordinary island hopping experience in Greece.


Everything about the Ship

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