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  • Give Bees a Chance | A head full of honey | Our visit to the beekeeper Goran Trvdić on the island of Šolta

by Catharina Flämig

A Head Full of Honey

Our visit to the beekeeper Goran Trvdić

Man in yellow t-shirt with arms outstretched
Beekeeper Goran doing his workshop in his outdoor classroom (Photographer: Ivan Duran © Inselhuepfen.com)

A Head Full of Honey – Our visit to the beekeeper Goran Trvdić

Almost no other insect has such a positive image as the industrious little bees, and rightly so! Without their tireless work the world would be a completely different place. Whether wild bees or honeybees, these hardworking little gatherers are one of the primary pollinators of many fruit trees and flowers, creating an important link in our essential food chains. Bees are truly fascinating creatures, but climate change alongside other environmental influences have made it incredibly difficult for them to survive and thrive.

Hundreds of honey bees on honey comb
Busy bees making delicious golden honey (Photographer: Ivan Duran © Inselhuepfen.com)

Give Bees a Chance

Someone who really wants to give bees a chance is the Croatian beekeeper Goran Trvdić. We visited him during our Bike & Boat tour through southern Dalmatia on the small island of Šolta, close to Split. The Trvdić family has been beekeeping for several generations, making the move from Split to Šolta in the 1980’s for the precious rosemary honey Olintio that can be made and harvested there. The worldwide decline of the bee population saddened Goran to such an extent that he decided to start the project "Give Bees a Chance" some years ago. This is what he had to tell us:

"Our focus has changed somewhat now, moving away from purely producing honey and towards a much broader understanding of beekeeping that includes teaching people about bees. For this reason, we, my wife Natasa and I, have started to tell interested listeners from all around the globe more about the world of bees and their importance for humans. As part of our project we also ask our visitors to send us a jar of honey from a local beekeeper from their hometown. In this way they support both their local beekeepers and our project, and all of us together support the bees. To date, more than 200 visitors have sent us honey from 54 countries from every continent."

Open-air bee workshops and all kinds of honey-sweet delicacies

Goran is a truly gifted messenger of the little buzzing insects. He has created an open-air “classroom” in his garden, where he holds his instructive bee workshops with incredible enthusiasm and charm. Alongside his workshops, he has also created a small bee museum in his home, where he explains the honey making process. In the adjacent room you can try different types of honey in Goran’s small shop, which is full of all kinds of bee products. After tasting the sweet, sticky liquid it’s hard to resist buying a whole jar for yourself!

Unable to resist, we took a jar of the delicious rosemary honey and a small glass of propolis home with us. Propolis is a sticky resinous mixture produced by honeybees to prevent bacterial and fungal infestation in the beehive and has a proven antibiotic and antiviral effects. Goran and his wife swear by this natural bee by-product and claim that taking small amounts of propolis regularly can help prevent all kinds of diseases.

Tirelessly and with humility and diligence

During his warm farewell, Goran shared the following:

"Everyone who is interested in these industrious little creatures is invited to visit us on Šolta and learn more. Stop by, taste our honey and support us in our daily endeavour to live the way the bees teach us: Tirelessly and with humility and diligence!"

Sculpture: Bee on bicycle with rainbow coloured wheels
Follow the rainbow bee to Goran (Photographer: Ivan Duran © Inselhuepfen.com)

Would you like to see more of Šolta?

Goran and Natasa also offer delightful, serene apartments for those wishing to spend a little more time on Šolta. The accommodation is just 2km from the beach and a five-minute walk from the centre of Grohote village. Each of the three apartments is equipped with its own kitchen, bathroom, and terrace, with air conditioning and free internet. The outdoor pool in the middle of the olive garden is shared with the other guests. A real holiday paradise, ideal for those who long for peace and quiet in an island idyll.  

Where to find Goran and Natasa Tvrdić

Trvdić Honey
Put Krajna 68
21430 Grohote, Šolta

Phone: +385 (0)91 543 7786

Email: info@trvdichoney.com

Web: https://www.tvrdichoney.com/

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