CORONA VIRUS – Information on the current situation (status 20.03.2020)

We have to be prepared for everything – even for the good!

Dear Islandhoppers,

due to the ever increasing restrictions being put in place in order to slow down the spread of the Corona-Virus, we have decided to work from home. Therefore, our availability by telephone will be drastically reduced. You can however continue to communicate with us via email. If you see the need to contact us per phone, please send us an email with your phone number and our team will do their best to organize a call with you.

Our current situation means that we will be forced to prioritise emails responses, which could lead to a delayed response time in some cases. Our current plan is as follows:

– Questions, departure changes, and cancellations for April of the current season 2020 have the highest priority.

– At the same time, we will be publishing our tour dates for 2021 in order to accommodate departure changes from 2020 to 2021, as well as offering our clients the possibility to secure themselves a travel date in 2021.

– Questions to travel dates in May 2020 and later in the current season cannot be answered at this point as it is still unclear how the current international situation will develop over the coming days and weeks. We ask you to have patience and not to cancel your booking for these departure dates yet. Your questions and the status of these departures will be processed in due course. We thank you for your understanding!

As we are receiving many inquiries from our guests in relation to the Corono Virus (COVID-19), we have prepared the following information for you, which we will keep up to date, based on our current information concerning the developing situation. Please check back regularly for updates as the information, which we are working with today, might already be outdated by tomorrow.

Information to the current events

The health and safety of our guests and employees is our highest priority. Together with our partners and service providers, we are carefully monitoring the ever-changing circumstances in our travel destinations. Should travel in our target destinations be compromised, and effect the execution of our tours negatively, we will be sure to inform you immediately.

All Islandhopping trips in April are cancelled. We are still optimistic that afterwards the travel season by Boat & Bike in 2020 will still take place without too many alterations to our planned schedule.

We would like to reassure you that the occasional travel recommendations to avoid cruise ships are aimed exclusively at traditional cruise liners with thousands of passengers and crew on board. Islandhopping ships do not fall under the category ‘cruise ship’. Our boats are small passenger vessel which only operate over short distances and are permanently in regions with access to great medical care. In addition, our guests spend the majority of the day outdoors, on their bikes away from larger crowds.

Our current conditions for booking changes and cancellations

In general, we are following the recommendations of local authorities when it comes to the execution of our tours. Additionally we ask our guests to attend our tours only in full health. At this point in time, even a mild cold or cough can trigger great uncertainty within a travel group. If you are showing any signs of illness, please make use of your trip cancellation insurance and ask your doctor to authorize your inability to travel. Even in the case of a regular cold or flu, your insurance will then be able to provide you with financial support to cover your down payment or even reimburse you the full travel costs. This includes cancellations of a trip midway through.

If you decide to cancel or change you’re booking prior to a relevant travel warning or restriction being issued for the time of your Islandhopping trip, our standard cancellation fees as published in our general Terms & Conditions will apply.

Courtesy for departures in April:
All guests currently booked on any of our departures in April have been contacted with the following possibilities:

– change their booking to a later departure date in 2020 or 2021 free of charge (on the same boat / tour given availability)

– Cancel their booking free of charge

Due to the unpredictability of the developing situation, we ask for your patience if your tour departure is more than four weeks away. Updates will be issued to you in due course.

Courtesy for booking changes and cancellations of new bookings: for all new bookings which are made between 20.03. and 20.04.2020, the following conditions will be granted: you are able to rebook or cancel your tour until the 30.04.2020 free of charge (valid for the season 2020 given availability).

Updates & further information

We will update this segment should changes occur. If you have questions regarding your booking, please feel free to take up contact with us: +49 7531 361860 or via e-mail:

For up to date travel warnings and restrictions please check the embassy website for your target travel destination.

Thank you for your understanding and support! Please take good care of yourselves and stay healthy!
Your Islandhopping Team


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