CORONA VIRUS & START OF THE SEASON 2020 – Information on the current situation (status 15.06.2020)

Start of the season 2020 in Croatia, Greece and Holland

Dear Islandhoppers,

We are pleased to announce that travel restrictions within Europe are being eased allowing us to start operating our Islandhopping tours again in the coming weeks. Islandhopping tours by Boat & Bike will start in Holland on the 15.06.20, in Croatia on the 20.06.20 and in Greece on the 08.08.20. As the health and safety of our guests as well as our employees is our highest priority, tours will be executed in compliance with the local hygiene and safety regulations.

We understand that continued travel restrictions in a number of countries around the world will make it difficult for a number of our guests to take part on our confirmed tour departures. We will consider individual restrictions and will provide all travellers unable to take part on our tours with suitable alternatives. These alternatives will be communicated with the individual participants at the latest 3 weeks before tour begin.

The Sail & Bike tours in Holland are organised by our partner Boat Bike Tours with certain safety and hygiene regulations which will be implemented on these tours.

The safety and hygiene regulations which will be implemented on the Islandhopping Boat & Bike tours in Croatia and Greece can be found below.

Due to the abnormal amount of inquiries, which our service team is working through due to the Corona Crisis, we have had to prioritise our responses and apologise for any delays. Our current plan is as follows:

– Our aim is to get in contact with you at least 3 weeks before with suitable travel alternatives, should you have any difficulties in taking part on a tour confirmed by Islandhopping.

– At the same time, our tour dates for 2021 have been published in order to accommodate departure changes from 2020 to 2021, as well as offering our guests the possibility to secure themselves a travel date in 2021.

– Certain tours will NOT be able to take place this year due to the imposed corona restrictions. Our tour of the Lofoten in 2020 has been cancelled completely as Norway has issued a travel ban for incoming tourists until the 20.08.2020. All guests booked on this tour itinerary have received alternative travel / cancellation options from us.

– In addition we have had to cancel all of our tour departures until the end of June for Scotland as well as our tours starting in Turkey as both of these countries require all arrivals to take part in a two week quarantine when entering the county. All guests who are currently booked on these tours have been contacted by us directly with their alternative travel / cancellation options.

– Regrettably, we also have to cancel all our tours in Tuscany for 2020. All guests booked on this tour itinerary have been contacted by us directly with their alternative travel / cancellation options.


Why island hopping is still one of the safest ways to travel in 2020

Even though the above measures will mean that this year’s Islandhopping tours will be slightly different from previous years, the expected friendly atmosphere on our ships will remain and we can hardly wait to welcome you back on board soon. There is plenty to look forward to on your Islandhopping holiday, because we believe that travel by Bike & Boat is still be one of the safest types of travel in 2020. There are plenty of good reasons for this to be true:

– On our tours, the ship serves as a floating hotel for a small group of passengers.

– You stay in the same accommodation for the duration of your tour and do not have to worry about different cleaning standards in different accommodations.

– You will be with the same travel group for the duration of your tour and will take part on cycling tours in the fresh air every day, mostly through quiet, rural areas.

– While you are on your bike, the ship will be thoroughly cleaned every day.

– Overseas travel is still restricted which means we expect a significant decrease in the general number of visitors to Croatia and Greece: never before have you been able to enjoy the Adriatic, Ionian or Aegean Sea more personally!

Travel to Croatia and Greece

The borders of Croatia (from 20.06.20) and Greece (from 08.08.20) are opening again for tourists. Both countries reacted accordingly and were fortunate enough to experience only a mild wave of covid-19. Travellers from European countries travelling to Greece or Croatia after the above-mentioned dates will not have to take part in a 14-day quarantine on arrival. Proof of a pre-booked holiday package or business travel are required for crossing the border.

A gradual return to normality has already taken place in both countries: domestic travel within both countries is unrestricted, even between the different regions. All restaurants and bars that have outdoor terraces or can provide sufficient space indoors to ensure a table distance of at least 2 m have reopened. Open-air museums can also be visited again, with a limited number of visitors. The same applies to public beaches.

In general, it is advised to avoid large crowds and to adhere to the minimum distance rule of 1.50 m from other people, as well as the general hygiene recommendations such as the frequent washing of hands and mouth-and-nose protection in closed rooms with strangers.

If the number of infections continues to decline, it is expected that these measures will also be softened.

Hygiene Regulations on Islandhopping Boats

In order to ensure that our guests have a safe stay on board and during the entire journey, we will insure that additional hygiene measures are implemented during the bike tours and on the boats. These coincide with the EU guidelines for Hospitality and Tourism and include:

– The ship’s crew and tour guides will be trained in advance in all the necessary hygiene and safety measures

– The health and wellbeing of our tour guides and crew will be checked and documented each day

– The entire service team on board will wear nose and mouth protection whenever the minimum distance of 1.5 m cannot be maintained e.g. When serving tables or when boarding/disembarking the boat

– Hand sanitizer will be available to the guests and crew on entering the boat as well as in the saloon.

– All contact areas on board and the bikes used by our guests will be disinfected daily.

– Between travel groups, all surfaces in the cabins will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. During the week, the crew will only enter the guest cabins in emergencies or at the request of our guests.

– In all public areas of the ship, the required 1.5 m distance will be insured.

– All common areas will be ventilated regularly by opening windows and doors.

– Meals will be served either in two sessions or simultaneously in the salon and on the outside decks, depending on the size of the group availability of the ship.

– Meals will be served to each table, to avoid cross contamination at the buffet.

– Organised restaurant visits will be reserved in advance and we will only eat in restaurants with our guests where we are sure that the hygiene guidelines are respected.

– Our bike tours will take place as usual, accompanied by one or two tour guides, depending on the size of the group. Cycling independent of the group is possible in some cases in agreement with our guides.

– Depending on the boat, group size and visited areas, individual solutions will be provided for tour briefings, city tours and other program points, if required. Please trust in the flexibility and sense of responsibility of our staff.

In addition, each guest is asked to be aware of their own responsibility and to follow the following guidelines:

– Please do not travel to Croatia or Greece unless you feel completely healthy. If this is not the case, consult your doctor for a medical certificate so that you can claim your travel cancellation insurance.

– Every guest is free to wear mouth and nose protection on board. Please make sure to bring these with you in sufficient quantity.

– If you require hand sanitizer of disinfection spray for private use in your cabin or during the bike tours, please make sure to bring this yourself.

– Should you feel ill during the trip or wish to leave the trip early, please inform your tour guide immediately. Our staff will of course support you with the necessary organization.

Limited Tour Options

Due to the continued travel restrictions for travellers from overseas, we are expecting fewer English-speaking guests this year. This means that we will have less guests in general and cannot conduct all our tours as planned. Nevertheless, in order to continue hopping from island to island, we will rearrange our departure schedule and inform all of our confirmed guests of the new travel alternatives. Most changes will include the same category of boat or higher.

Travel options to Croatia and Greece

Various airlines have announced plans to increase their flights to various destinations in both countries starting mid-June. For Croatia, the alternative is to travel by car, which is already possible for almost all Europeans without any problems.

Do you have further questions? Please feel free to contact us by email:

Your island hopping team

Summer Special 2020

A Fantastic Summer Holiday for a Fantastic Price!

If you are still undecided about your summer holiday in 2020, we can offer you a 20% discount on the base price of all Islandhopping Boat & Bike tours before the end of August in Croatia and Greece.

We decided to offer a summer special this year in the hope that a few more of our departures this season can take place. We wish to be able to operate our tours for all the guests who are already booked and eager to travel and we also wish to provide our guides and partners with the support that they need especially this year!

Join us this summer and enjoy the benefits:

– Islandhopping at an incredible price!
– Hospitality which has never been so eager to welcome you!
– Quiet harbours and bays, almost exclusively for you!
– The roads have never been quieter, and the cycling never more enjoyable
– Care-free travel from island to island with a team of trained staff and compliance with the hygiene regulations!  

You can find all of our tour dates for 2020 listed here:

The following conditions apply for the Islandhopping Summer Special 2020:

– The invoice must be paid in full on confirmation of the booking.
– The Summer Special cannot be combined with any additional discounts.
– Cancelation and rebooking conditions as outlined in our General Terms and Conditions

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