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Bike & Boat

Pearls of Dalmatia · Croatia

From 1290 €
from Dubrovnik / to Split
8 days /
7 nights
200 km
Level 2 -3
Level 1
Easy cycling tours suitable for islandhoppers who are confident on their bikes but prefer riding on flatter terrain (15-30km and 200 elevation meters per day).
Level 1 - 2
Easy to moderate cycling tours through hilly terrain suitable for islandhoppers who have a good basic level of fitness (20-35km and up to 200-400 elevation meters per day).
Level 2
Moderate cycling tours through hilly terrain suitable for islandhoppers who cycle regularly and feel comfortable with longer climbs (25-40km and 300-500 elevation meters per day).
Level 2 -3
Moderate to demanding cycling tours through hilly to mountainous terrain suitable for islandhoppers who like a challenge (30-50km and 400-700 elevation meters per day).
Level 3
Demanding cycling tours through hilly and mountainous terrain suitable for islandhoppers who can take on steeper climbs (30-60km and 400-800 elevation meter per day).

An authentic Dalmatian experience:
natural wonders and UNESCO highlights

If you would like to experience the region of South Dalmatia in all its glory as well as Dubrovnik with its amazing city walls, this Bike & Boat tour is an excellent choice for you! Discover this sparsely populated area of Croatia on board a charming motor yacht. Breath-taking scenic experiences and cultural attractions await you. The highlights of the trip include the town centre of Dubrovnik and Split, both of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We cycle the islands of Mljet, Lastovo, Korčula, Hvar, and Brač and get the opportunity to experience sea and land, culture, and nature first-hand. Our proud motor yacht Pape Prvi is your home for an amazing week. The direction of this tour alternates each week.

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Culture: The Old Town of Split built into Diocletian's Palace
Nature: Mljet Island and its salt lakes
Activity: A walk to the Spanish Fortress on Hvar
Culinary: Enjoy many delicious varieties of ice cream in Jelsa!
Souvenir: Olive oil and honey from Dalmatia


  • Dubrovnik - Split
  • Split - Dubrovnik
image/svg+xml Brač Hvar Šolta Korčula Mljet Lastovo Šipan Prežba Trogir Pomena Split Hvar Stari Grad Milna Jelsa Korčula Vela Luka Lastovo Postira Dubrovnik Airport Trogir Airport Dubrovnik MEDITERRANEAN Bosnia- Hercegovina Croatia Slovenia Monte- negro Airport Split Airport Dubrovnik Pučišća MEDITERRANEAN Croatia Slovenia Monte-negro Bosnia-Hercegovina
1st Day Dubrovnik (Embarkation)
Individual journey to Dubrovnik. Check-in on board starts between 2 and 2:30 pm at Gruž, the town port. At about 4:30 pm, there will be the opportunity to go on a guided tour through Dubrovnik where we learn about the town’s history and visit the most impressive sites. The boat spends the night in Gruž offering the guests an opportunity to experience Dubrovnik’s nightlife.
2. Tag Dubrovnik – Island Šipan – Island Mljet
(aprx. 7 mi./11 km + aprx. 18 mi./30 km)
In the morning we cross over to the nearby island of Šipan. Šipan is the largest of the Elaphiti Islands, yet still humble in size. A great place for our first bike tour and to get used to riding in a group. After our first tour we board the boat and enjoy a cruise to the green island of Mljet. Green because 70 % of its landmass is covered by woodland making it the most forested island in the Mediterranean region. Homer mentioned this lovely island in his epic poem “Odyssey”. He made it a home for the Nymph Calypso and the legendary Greek king Odysseus, who could not resist Calypso and stayed on Mljet for seven years. We arrive in the harbor of Pomena and enjoy a round tour on our bikes through the Mljet National Park. The night is spent in the harbor of Pomena.
3rd Day Islands Lastovo and Korčula: Korčula town (aprx. 17.5 mi./28 km)
In the morning our ship takes us to the Island of Lastovo. The island is one of the smaller inhabited islands in the Adriatic Sea. The Emperor Augustus appreciated the mild climate, and in Roman times it was even named “Augusta Insula” after him. Today’s cycle tour takes us across this beautiful island. The gold-coloured white wine “Marastina”, known even beyond Croatia’s borders, is grown here. Back at the boat it’s time to cast off! A crossing takes us over to the island of Korčula, regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in Dalmatia. The Picturesque town of Korčula with it’s fishbone alleyways competes with Venice for the honor of being the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo. It is here that we spend the night and enjoy a guided city tour packed with fascinating anecdotes concerning the history of the city and the island.
4th Day Korčula town - Vela Luka
(aprx. 37.5 mi./60 km)
Today’s cycle tour leads us across the charming island of Korčula. A mild Mediterranean climate and a broad variety of different landscapes accompany us on the tour today. Take your time, and remember to take a break to enjoy the view over the deep blue sea and neighboring islands. Dinner is served on board to replenish our strength after an active day. Overnight stay in the sheltered by of Vela Luka.
5th Day Hvar Town – Stari Grad – Jelsa – Stari Grad
(aprx. 14 mi./22 km + aprx. 12 mi./20 km)
The day starts with a relaxing cruise to Hvar town on Hvar Island. Make use of the time before the cycle tour starts and go for a little stroll through the city. Standing on the magnificent Renaissance Square you can enjoy a view up to the Spanish fortress towering high above the city. Today's bike tour takes us from the city of Hvar through small villages and lavender fields to Stari Grad on the opposite side of the island. The descent to Stari Grad offers breathtaking views. After a lunch break we continue on a second cycling tour through the green planes of the island to the seaside town of Jelsa. After a break for coffee and ice cream, we continue the round trip back to Stari Grad where we spend the night.
6th Day Brač Island: Milna – Postira
(aprx. 18 mi./29 km)
We cruise to the island of Brač, famous for its radiant, precious limestone that was, among others, used for the White House in Washington and in the construction of the German Reichstag building in Berlin. Once we have arrive on Brač, we start our bike tour from Milna to the picturesque harbor town of Postira. We will spend the afternoon and evening here. Enjoy the serenity of the town, and the view across the channel to the mainland.
7th Day Postira - Pučišća –Postira – Split
(aprx. 19 mi./31 km)
Our today’s bike tour leads us along the northern coastline of Brač from Postira to Pučišća and back again to Postira over the back of the island. Then, for the last time in an eventful week, we enjoy a cruise back to the UNESCO world heritage city of Split. A guided city tour offers us the chance to see inside the former Palace of Emperor Diocletian and to learn about its transformation into the city which it has become. A cheerful evening meal on board the boat gives you time to celebrate the success of the week with fellow travelers and tour guides
8th Day Split (Disembarkation)
After breakfast disembarkation until 9 am and individual trip home or extended stay in Croatia.
image/svg+xml Brač Hvar Šolta Korčula Mljet Lastovo Šipan Trogir Pomena Split Hvar Stari Grad Jelsa Korčula Vela Luka Milna Dubrovnik Supetar