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Bike & Boat

Gulf of Corinth
& Ionian Islands
· Greece

From 1490 €
from Athens / to Corfu
8 days /
7 nights
150 km
Level 3
Level 1
Easy cycling tours suitable for islandhoppers who are confident on their bikes but prefer riding on flatter terrain (15-30km and 200 elevation meters per day).
Level 1 - 2
Easy to moderate cycling tours through hilly terrain suitable for islandhoppers who have a good basic level of fitness (20-35km and up to 200-400 elevation meters per day).
Level 2
Moderate cycling tours through hilly terrain suitable for islandhoppers who cycle regularly and feel comfortable with longer climbs (25-40km and 300-500 elevation meters per day).
Level 2 -3
Moderate to demanding cycling tours through hilly to mountainous terrain suitable for islandhoppers who like a challenge (30-50km and 400-700 elevation meters per day).
Level 3
Demanding cycling tours through hilly and mountainous terrain suitable for islandhoppers who can take on steeper climbs (30-60km and 400-800 elevation meter per day).

A scenic and cultural journey through Greece

Join us on a fascinating journey! On this Bike & Boat tour we explore both the Greek mainland as well as the impressive Ionian Islands. Along the way we get a first-hand experience of the scenic and cultural diversity in Greece as we travel by bike and on board the two-masted motor sailer, the Panagiota. The Ionian Islands show Greek at its greenest, unspoiled scenery and centuries of Venetian influence characterize this yet little-known archipelago. The glistening blue waters of the Ionian Sea, the mountainous landscape of Cephalonia, the bird-sanctuary island, Lefkas, and the small island of Paxos covered in olive groves all play part in a wonderfully relaxing vacation. Famous sites such as Delphi and Aegina are just some of the highlights of the tour. The passage through the Corinth Canal is sure to become an unforgettable memory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to a rockfall in the Corinth Canal we are not yet able to confirm any cruise dates for the upcoming season. Until the dredging work is completed we are offering the Ionian Islands round trip from/to Corfu as a substitute.

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Culture: Sanctuary of Apollo and the oracle of Delphi
Nature: Picturesque natural harbour of Gaios and Paxos
Activity: Artificial seaway through Canal of Corinth
Culinary: Don't miss the great variety of Greek appetizers!
Souvenir: Pistachios from Aegina


  • Athens - Corfu
  • Corfu - Athens
image/svg+xml Paxos Lefkas Zakynthos Nidri Lefkas Patras Mesolongi Nafpaktos Galaxidi Delphi Gaios Frikes Vathy MEDITERRANEAN Peloponnese Ithaka Corfu Corinth Athens Piräus Ägina Corfu Kefalonia Greece Albania