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Bike & Boat

Gulf of Corinth
& Ionian Islands
· Greece

From 1990 €
Spring Discount
from Corfu / to Athens
8 days /
7 nights
150 km
Level 2 -3
Level 1
Easy cycling tours suitable for islandhoppers who are confident on their bikes but prefer riding on flatter terrain (15-30km and 200 elevation meters per day).
Level 1 - 2
Easy to moderate cycling tours through hilly terrain suitable for islandhoppers who have a good basic level of fitness (20-35km and up to 200-400 elevation meters per day).
Level 2
Moderate cycling tours through hilly terrain suitable for islandhoppers who cycle regularly and feel comfortable with longer climbs (25-40km and 300-500 elevation meters per day).
Level 2 -3
Moderate to demanding cycling tours through hilly to mountainous terrain suitable for islandhoppers who like a challenge (30-50km and 400-700 elevation meters per day).
Level 3
Demanding cycling tours through hilly and mountainous terrain suitable for islandhoppers who can take on steeper climbs (30-60km and 400-800 elevation meter per day).

A scenic and cultural journey through Greece

Join us on a fascinating journey! On this Bike & Boat tour we explore both the Greek mainland as well as the impressive Ionian Islands. Along the way we get a first-hand experience of the scenic and cultural diversity in Greece as we travel by bike and on board the two-masted motor sailer, the Panagiota. The Ionian Islands show Greek at its greenest, unspoiled scenery and centuries of Venetian influence characterize this yet little-known archipelago. The glistening blue waters of the Ionian Sea, the mountainous landscape of Cephalonia, the bird-sanctuary island, Lefkas, and the small island of Paxos covered in olive groves all play part in a wonderfully relaxing vacation. Famous sites such as Delphi and Aegina are just some of the highlights of the tour. The passage through the Corinth Canal is sure to become an unforgettable memory.

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Culture: Sanctuary of Apollo and the oracle of Delphi
Nature: Picturesque natural harbour of Gaios and Paxos
Activity: Artificial seaway through Canal of Corinth
Culinary: Don't miss the great variety of Greek appetizers!
Souvenir: Pistachios from Aegina


  • Corfu - Athens
  • Athens - Corfu
1st Day
Corfu/ Corfu city (Embarkation)
Individual arrival by plane and subsequent transfer to the ship. It is possible to check in on the Panagiota from 2 pm onwards. Dinner on board and overnight stay on Corfu.
2nd Day Paxos Island
(aprx. 23 km)
Cast off! In the morning we sail to Paxos, the smallest of the seven Ionian Islands. This tiny island is so densely covered in olive trees the whole island seems to glisten a wonderful silver green colour. Our morning tour leads us around the whole island. There is plenty of time to enjoy a swim in the sea at one of the many beaches. Later, we can enjoy the evening in a cosy tavern in the unique natural harbour of Gaios! Overnight stay on Paxos.
3rd Day Lefkas town – Nidri
(aprx. 30 km)
Our day begins with a longer sail to the town of Lefkas. During the crossing we pass by the original swing bridge which connects the island of Lefkas to the Greek mainland. Today’s tour leads us across the island’s fascinating mountain landscape to the lively harbour of Nidri. The island of Skorpios, once the private haven of shipping magnate Aristotle Socrates Onassis, can be seen from our mooring. The night is spent in Nidri.
4th Day Ithaca Island - Mesolongi
(aprx. 20 or 28 km)
Early in the morning we cruise to the island of Ithaca for our day’s bike tour. This hilly island with its spectacular scenery is said to have been home of the mythical king Odysseus. During the ride we get to enjoy the special character of the Ionian Islands off beaten tourist track: gnarled olive trees, crystal clear water and friendly islanders – time appears to stand still on Ithaca. We then board the boat once more for a longer sail to Mesolongi in the Corinthian Gulf, where we spend the night.
5th Day Mesolongi – Delphi – Galaxidi (bus tour)
A transfer bus will pick you up in the morning to take you to the medieval town of Nafpaktos. There you can take a short stroll through the enchanting old town with its Venetian harbour and fortifications. Afterwards, the journey continues by bringing us to the famous site of Delphi at the foot of the Parnassos Mountains. In Delphi, the god of light, Apollo, was once worshipped and the oracle was consulted. The many beautiful temples & treasure houses, the well-preserved theatre & stadium, but particularly the breath-taking hillside location of the sanctuary make a visit to the Delphi an unforgettable experience. Afterwards, your transfer bus takes us to the picturesque port of Galaxidi, where we spend the night. For those would are interested, one can bike to a nearby beach in the afternoon and enjoy a swim in the sea! Overnight stay in Galaxidi.
6th Day Galaxidi – Corinth Canal – Aegina Island
(aprx. 20 km)
Today we lift anchor early and the journey continues towards the Isthmus of Corinth. The impressive passage through the Corinth Canal, which was completed in 1893 and whose construction was already planned by Julius Caesar, is one of the absolute highlights of this trip. The passage is 6.3 km long, 24 meters wide and 8 meters deep and it connects the Aegean Sea with the Gulf of Corinth. It saves passengers from the nearly 400 km long trip around the Peloponnese. From the Saronic Gulf, we set course for the island of Aegina. In the afternoon, we enjoy a coastal bike tour to the quaint fishing port of Perdika. In the evening, the old town of Aegina entices visitors to take an extended stroll.
7th Day
Aegina Island – Piraeus/Marina Zeas
(aprx. 35 km)
The island of Aegina is also known beyond its borders for its pistachios. In the morning, our last bike ride from the island’s capital take us past the Monastery of Saint Nektarios and to the well-preserved Temple of Aphaia, perched high above the blue sea. Our ship waits for us in the town of Aegina for our last crossing to Athens/Piraeus where we round off our Greek adventure with a final cozy dinner on board.
8th Day Athens/Piraeus (Disembarkation)
After breakfast check-out and individual return home or extended stay in Athens.
1st Day
Athens/Piraeus (Marina Zeas) - (Embarkation)
Individual arrival at Marina Zeas (Piraeus). It is possible to check in on the Panagiota from 2 pm. Dinner on board and overnight stay in the harbour of Piraeus.
2nd Day Piraeus – Aegina Island – Corinth Canal - Galaxidi (aprx. 35 km)
In the morning we sail to Aegina, an island famous for its pistachios even beyond Greek borders. Here our first cycle tour takes us to the exceptionally well-preserved temple of Aphaia, enthroned high above the azure sea. In the afternoon, we sail through the Isthmus of Corinth, completed in 1893, though plans for its construction date back to Julius Caesar. This 3.9 mi./6.3 km long, 79 ft./24 m wide, and 26 ft./8 m deep canal connects the Aegean Sea with the Gulf of Corinth and saves travellers sailing from Athens to Corinth the 258 mi./400 km long trip around the whole Peloponnese peninsular. If weather conditions are fine, we continue sailing to Galaxidi, otherwise overnight stay in or near Corinth.
3rd Day Galaxidi - Delphi – Nafpaktos - Mesolongi
(bus tour)
In the morning, a transfer shuttle collects us from Galaxidi and takes us to the famous ancient site of Delphi, which rests at the foot of the Parnassus mountain range. It was here the ancient Greeks came to worship Apollo, the god of the light, and to consult the oracle. A visit to Delphi is a truly unforgettable experience not only due to the many temples, treasuries, the well-preserved theatre, and the stadium, but also thanks to the incredible hill-side location and views of the surrounding mountains. In the afternoon, the bus takes us to the harbour of Nafpaktos where we have time for lunch and a short stroll through the beautiful town before another short bus ride brings us to Mesolongi. The boat meets us here and we stay the night.
4th Day Mesolongi – Ithaca Island
(aprx. 35 km)
In the morning, a longer crossing takes us to Ithaca. If the weather is good, guests can take a swim break on the way before docking at the port of Vathy. In the afternoon we explore the legendary Ithaca by bike. Ithaca is a mountainous, scenic island where you can enjoy the unique charm of the Ionian Islands away from the tourist crowds. Beautiful olives, deep blue sea and friendly locals – on Ithaca, time seems to have stood still. Spectacular views await you on this round trip! Overnight stay in Vathy.
5th Day Meganisi Island – Lefkas Island
(aprx. 18 km)
During breakfast we cross the sea to Meganisi. Our bike tour takes us along a panoramic route on quiet island roads through the three villages of this lovely island and gives you a good impression of the traditional island life of the locals. At the beach of Spartochori, we have time for a coffee and swimming break. In the afternoon, the journey continues to Nidri on Lefkas, where guests have the opportunity (if desired) to cycle through rustic olive groves to the hidden waterfall of Nidri. Overnight stay in Nidri.
6th Day Nidri –Lefkas town – Paxos Island
(aprx. 30 km)
Today’s bike tour leads through the impressive mountains of Lefkas to the island capital of the same name. On the way you can enjoy spectacular views before enjoying a well-deserved coffee in the mountain village of Karia. In the town of Lefkas, the Panagiota awaits us for a longer crossing to Paxos, during which you have plenty of time to relax. You can spend the evening in one of the cozy taverns in the unique natural harbour of Gaios.
7th Day Paxos Island
(aprx. 23 km)
Paxos, the smallest of the seven Ionian Islands, is so densely covered in olive trees the whole island seems to glisten a wonderful silver green colour. Our morning tour leads us around the whole island. There is plenty of time to enjoy a swim in the sea at one of the many beaches. In the afternoon, the Panagiota takes us to Corfu. The last evening on board concludes with a communal dinner and last get-together in a cosy atmosphere with crew, fellow travellers, and tour guides.
8th Day Corfu Island/Corfu city (Disembarkation)
After breakfast check-out and individual return home or extended stay on Corfu Island.


Panagiota (Comfort)

The M/S Panagiota is a lovingly restored motor sailor and was originally built in the shape of a traditional Greek caique. With a warm, ‘Welcome on Board’, the crew greet the arriving guests.

A splendid teak wood deck, a cozy saloon with stained glass windows, comfortable seating areas throughout the ship and sunning mats on both of the sun decks provide a true sense of familiarity and home.

Six of the charming cabins are located below deck and four above deck. They are named after popular Greek islands and are furnished functionally and are incredibly comfortable. The sea can be accessed via…

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Rental Bikes

Our Hybrid Bikes

For our hybrid bike tours, we use reliable, low maintenance hybrid bikes with aluminum frames in various sizes. Twenty years of experience in bike tourism has given us the knowledge and confidence to select the right components for the requirements of an Islandhopping tour. Our bikes ensure a carefree riding experience for our cycling enthusiasts.…

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Our E-Bikes

All our e-bikes are high quality pedelecs, most of which are fitted with Bosch motors with extra battery range. They are characterized by their relatively light weight and great components. Some of our fleet are equipped with other motor systems. With an Islandhopping e-bike, you will be able to climb almost any hill with ease. They are a true set of wings for anyone who needs a little ‘tail wind’ to make their ride that little bit more enjoyable.  …

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Islandhopping Pannier

For the duration of the tour we supply you with a waterproof pannier by Ortlieb, a practical way of carrying drinks, bathing gear, camera etc. To ensure that bike panniers remain water proof they have to be closed tight.


The use of our Islandhopping panniers is free of charge.


  • Our Hybrid Bikes
  • Our E-Bikes

Services, Dates & Prices


The below calendar lists the basic cruise price per person. The final cruise price depends on cabin type, cabin occupancy and any additional optional services. The prices for additional optional services are listed below the travel calendar. The green checkmark indicates that the trip is secured.

Time Period Tour Country Accommodation Route Availability Price from
The final price is dependent on the type of cabin, the number of guests staying in the cabin and any additional services booked.

May 2024

Comfirmed departure
24.05. –
Bike & Boat
200€ Spring Discount

Gulf of Corinth
& Ionian Islands
Greece Panagiota Athen bis Korfu fully booked 1990,00 € on waiting list
Comfirmed departure
17.05. –
Bike & Boat
200€ Spring Discount

Gulf of Corinth
& Ionian Islands
Greece Panagiota Korfu bis Athen available 1990,00 € To Booking

June 2024

Comfirmed departure
28.06. –
Bike & Boat
Gulf of Corinth
& Ionian Islands
Greece Panagiota Korfu bis Athen fully booked 1990,00 € on waiting list

July 2024

Comfirmed departure
05.07. –
Bike & Boat
Gulf of Corinth
& Ionian Islands
Greece Panagiota Athen bis Korfu available 1990,00 € To Booking

August 2024

The minimum number of participants is almost reached
16.08. –
Bike & Boat
Gulf of Corinth
& Ionian Islands
Greece Panagiota Korfu bis Athen available 1990,00 € To Booking

September 2024

Comfirmed departure
20.09. –
Bike & Boat
Gulf of Corinth
& Ionian Islands
Greece Panagiota Korfu bis Athen fully booked 1990,00 € on waiting list
Comfirmed departure
27.09. –
Bike & Boat
Gulf of Corinth
& Ionian Islands
Greece Panagiota Athen bis Korfu available 1990,00 € To Booking
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Included services 2024
  • 8-day trip on a motorized yacht with crew
  • 7 nights in a twin cabin below deck with shower/toilet
  • 2 x full-board and 5 x half-board on board
  • Bottled mineral water on board and during all activities ashore
  • Guided cycle tours or walks as described in the itinerary
  • Entrance fee to museums and archaeological sites (group visit only)
  • Bed linen and towels
  • English-speaking tour guide
Not included in the basic tour price 2024
  • Journey to Corfu
  • Beverages on board (tally sheet; to be paid to the captain)
  • Meals and beverages ashore
  • Entrance fee for sights not included in the tour price
  • Beach towel to take on tours (if needed)
  • Tips for tour guides and crew
Prices for Additional Optional Services 2024
Shared twin cabin
Available on request
Surcharge for a cabin above deck

200 euros/person

Surcharge for a double cabin for single use below deck

500 euros

Surcharge for a double cabin for single use above deck

700 euros

Rental bike with Ortlieb pannier

Hybrid bicycle: 80 euros/week E-bike: 225 euros/week (limited)

Insurance against theft and damage of the rental bike
(not insured: grossly negligent damages)

Hybrid bicycle: 10 euros/week E-bike: 25 euros/week

Transfer between Athens airport and the boat
(available on embarkation or disembarkation days only)

40 euros/person
Additional fees may apply for the transfer of private bicycles

Transfer between Corfu airport and the boat
(available on embarkation or disembarkation days only)

25 euros/person
Additional fees may apply for the transfer of private bicycles

Transfer between a hotel in Corfu town and the boat
(available on embarkation or disembarkation days only)

17 euros/person
Additional fees may apply for the transfer of private bicycles

Exclusive transfers Prices on request
Additional nights in Athens Prices see additional nights Athens
Additional nights on Corfu Island Prices see additional nights Corfu
3-day extension module Corfu Prices see extension program Corfu
4-day extension module – Santorini Prices see extension program Santorini
4-day extension module – Mykonos Prices see extension program Mykonos
  • Children up to age 16 receive a discount of 25 % on the basic tour price (not combinable with any other discount / does not apply for single occupancies).

  • With three persons sharing a cabin, we allow a 50 % discount on the basic tour price for the third person, regardless of age (not combinable with other discounts). When booking an above deck cabin, the above deck surcharge will not be charged for the third occupant.
  • If this is your third or more Islandhopping tour booked directly with us, you will receive our SEA-YOU-AGAIN discount for your next tour in 2025.

Arrival - How to get there

Port of Embarkation Athens (Piraeus/Marina Zeas)

The embarkation harbour varies on this tour between Marina Zeas, part of the Athens Piraeus harbour, and the ports on Corfu, depending what direction the tour is going on a specific week.


You are welcome to check in on board from 2 pm onwards on embarkation day.


If you arrive without a pre-booked transfer and have difficulty finding the boat, please call your local tour guide (number listed in travel documents).

Ports on Corfu Island

About Corfu city: Exactly where the ship will be moored is always decided the evening before your journey. On the day of embarkation, you will find your boat either in the Corfu yard port Nauk below the Old Fortress or in the Corfu city ferry port, in the Café Giali yard port or in Marina Gouvia (about 10 km north of Corfu city).


Please call our tour guide if you did not book a transfer. They will tell you, where to find your ship: +306940428842.

Citymap of Corfu town on the island of Corfu

Arrival by airplane

When booking flights please be aware that your tour will either start in Athens and end in Corfu or vice-versa. Please check your booking confirmation to check at which harbour your booked tour begins. We recommend booking a ‘multi-stop’ flight.


Corfu is only 5 km away from Corfu Airport (CFU).


Piraeus is only 15 mi./25 km away from Athens Airport named El. Venizelos Airport (ATH).

From the Airport to the harbour


Exclusive airport transfers between the airport or a hotel and the harbour are available on request. Prices can be found under “additional bookable services”. If you would like an exclusive airport transfer, please contact our office by email or phone: Contact us



You are of course welcome to take a taxi or bus from the airport to the harbour. If you use a taxi on your own, please insist that the driver turn on the taximeter to avoid unpleasant surprises regarding the fare.

  • Embarkation Athens
  • Embarkation Corfu
  • by plane
  • Airport - Harbour

If you would like to extend your trip

Extension program in Athens

There is so much to see in Athens. Would you like to see it all? Then we recommend our 3-day additional program in the Greek capital for a true all-round experience in the city of seemingly countless possibilities. Transfers are included as well as two overnight stays in a hotel in the city centre, a guided bike tour through Athens, entrance to the Acropolis, and dinner at a typical Greek tavern.

Read More
Akropolis Athens exterior view

Additional nights in Athens

We are happy to arrange additional nights with breakfast in Athens. The 2004 Olympic Games held in the Greek capital had an incredibly positive effect on the lively 5-million-strong metropolis. Large areas of the city centre were converted into pedestrian zones and a vast archaeological park was created around the Acropolis. A stroll through the many winding alleys of the Plaka, the charming old town quarter, is a wonderful way to spend a warm summer evening.

Read More
Hotel room with double bed, on top of which is a breakfast tray

Extension Program Corfu

Would you like to stay longer on Corfu? Are you looking for a program that offers you both pre-organised activities and enough free time to experience this renowned island on your own? Then we recommend our three-day extension program, which can be booked either before or after your Islandhopping tour. This includes transfers and two nights’ accommodation with breakfast. You can also choose from one of three guided activities.

Read More
Unique secluded beach island Corfu

Additional nights on Corfu island

We would be happy to arrange additional nights with breakfast at a hotel in the UNESCO World Heritage old town of Corfu. Corfu Island’s capital of the same name is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. Strolling through the alleys of the lively, Venetian style old town of Corfu is a true holiday experience with its countless small shops, cultural highlights, and its many delightful cafés.

Read More
Hotel room with double bed
  • Extension Program Athens
  • Additional Nights Athens
  • Extension Corfu
  • Additional nights Corfu

Important information

Spoken language

Due to our international audience all Islandhopping tours are conducted bilingually, in English and German.

Itinerary changes

We reserve the right to make changes to the route in the case of changing wind and weather conditions as well as for reasons of organizational necessity.


Level 3

Participants require a high level of fitness for this tour. The daily routes vary in length 12 - 31 mi./20 - 50 km and lead through hilly to mountainous terrain. The tours can, however, be completed without any time constraints. Participants will also need to master long and steep climbs, during which it is of course bikes can be pushed. Most of the roads we cycle along are asphalted and with low traffic. You are free to set aside a half or full day to swim or spend time on board the boat, instead of taking a planned cycle-tour.

Guided group pace

On our regular cycling tours the riding pace is determined by the cyclists on regular bicycles. We ask guests who have reserved an e-bike to be mindful of this and to acknowledge that also the regular cyclists need time to rest and longer to climb the hills. Thank you for your understanding.

Requirement to wear a helmet

Helmets are mandatory on our bike tours. It is advised to bring your own, well fitted, helmet with you as our rental helmet numbers are limited (reservation required).

Bringing children

We believe that only children in a good physical condition and with a minimum age of 10 and previous bicycle tour experience are able to master the cycle tours with their own strength. Please note that the minimum height for a rental bike is 1.50 m (5 ft.) for hybrid bikes.


For the best tour experience with children, we recommend our Multi-Adventure Cruises in Croatia or Greece. We are convinced that these itineraries provide the best all-round experience for each individual family member.

Bringing private bikes & exclusion of private e-bikes

The tour which you have booked requires a bike with a fully functional set of gears. Islandhopping can offer you high quality, fully serviced rental bikes perfect for the terrain of this tour.


Should you however wish to bring your own hybrid bicycle with you, please make sure to check the condition of your breaks, gears, and tires and don’t forget to bring along a puncture repair kit and the essential spare parts for your bike (e.g. brake pads and spare tubes). Your bike should be in prefect mechanical working order.


We do not allow private e-bikes on board of our boats. This decision has been made due to health and safety regulations. If you wish to ride an e-bike for the duration of your tour, please get in touch with us about the rental options.


We do not recommend bringing along private road bikes, as the thin tires are not suitable for some of the road surfaces encountered on the tours.


Liability disclaimer: Radurlaub Zeitreisen GmbH. Will not be held liable for any damages caused to private bikes during loading, unloading or other logistical handling thereof.

Noise on board

Please do not forget that the ship is your hotel as well as a machine, which has to be maintained and operated – day and night. A certain level of noise is therefore inevitable.

Internet availability

There is no WiFi connection offered on board of your ship. If you need to connect to the internet during the tour, we recommend to take your portable electronic device to a cafe or bar somewhere in the harbor. Free WiFi is on offer almost everywhere. If you order something to eat or drink, then you are able to use the WiFi to your hearts content.

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