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E-Bike & Boat

Peloponnese &
Saronic Islands PLUS
· Greece

From 2790 €
Plus tour
from Athens / to Athens
8 days /
7 nights
165 km
Level 1 (E-Bike)
Level 1 (E-Bike)
Exclusive e-bike tours suitable for islandhoppers with a good basic level of fitness. The tours and the elevation meters are very manageable with an e-bike (30-60km and 400-700 elevation meters per day).
Level 2 (E-Bike)
Exclusive e-bike tours suitable for islandhoppers with endurance. The tours are long, but both the length and elevation can be easily mastered with an e-bike (60-130km and 400-1,000 elevation meters per day).

Unique cultural sites in an island paradise

The Peloponnese is a Greek region steeped in history. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Ottomans, and Albanians have all left their mark on the “Island of Pelops”. Discover this unique, culturally rich region as well as the diverse islands of the Saronic Gulf by boat and bike! An elegant deluxe ship will be your floating home as you travel on this one-of-a-kind journey through 2,500 years of Greek history.

Discover the enchanting islands of the Saronic Gulf. Explore the pistachio island of Aegina and marvel at the totally traffic-free island of Hydra. The islands of Poros and Spetses are home to spectacular panoramic roads while the volcanic peninsula of Methana will lead you on a geological journey through time.

This tour is part of our Islandhopping PLUS program. The PLUS tours offer our guests a PLUS all-round: a comfortable motor yacht, unlimited e-bike availability, as well as some pleasant surprises along the way.

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Culture: Visit to the temple of Aphaia on Aigina
Nature: Volcanic peninsula of Methana with spectacular panoramic views
Activity: Take a walk on the beautiful island of Hydra
Culinary: A must try: Greek mezedes – small entrees in large variety!
Souvenir: world famous Greek olive oil or pistachios from Aigina Island
TO NOTE: This trip is already updated for the 2024 season. Itinerary, prices and services may vary compared to 2023:

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