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Destination Netherlands

Tulips, windmills and canals

Bike & Boat

Explore Holland at its most beautiful by Tall Ship & Bike on the Wadden Sea and IJsselmeer. A place full of colour and beauty, this country is characterised by vibrantly painted clogs, flowering tulip fields and distinctive dykes, not to mention the countless windmills and bikes. A variety-packed journey in technicolour is what awaits you on your cycling holiday in Holland. In addition, wonderful river cruises await you in the Netherlands and its neighbouring countries, on which you can also explore the inland authentically by bike and boat.

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The Netherlands:

A Colourful Wonderland in the Wadden Sea, IJsselmeer and inland


Moat in Amsterdam

Sail & Bike in Holland: An adventure full of variety

The term "Holland", which refers only to the western region of the Netherlands, is often used as a synonym for the entire Netherlands. In the 16th century, trading partners used to refer to the area as "Flanders." In the 17th century, with the rise of the "County of Holland", the use of the word "Holland" became commonplace. Today Holland is synonymous with colourful tulip fields, similar to those in the famous Keukenhof flower garden or the unique garden museum, Hortus Bulborum. The country is characterised by its delicious cheese and stroopwafels, beautiful cities, thousands of bridges and flat landscapes, perfect for cycling tours. Holland undeniably has its own unique charm. The friendliness of the locals gives the country a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Whether visiting the capital, Amsterdam, romantic harbour cities such as Haarlem or Alkmaar, or exploring the IJsselmeer or Wadden Sea – traveling through Holland is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Our “Bike & Sail Holland Tulip Tour” promises an exceptional, colourful holiday.


Sail & Bike IJsselmeer: The largest lake in the Netherlands

The man-made lake, IJsselmeer, also known as Lake IJssel, was named after its main tributary, the IJseel river. The IJsselmeer was created in 1932 with the construction of the 29-kilometer-long dyke where the former Zuiderzee met the Wadden Sea. The primary reason for constructing the dyke and creating the lake was to protect the coast from flooding. On our cruise “Sail & Bike Holland IJsselmeer” we travel through the southernmost part of the IJsselmeer by bike and sailing ship. Though once part of the North Sea, the IJsselmeer is now the largest freshwater lake in Holland.


Our IJsselmeer bike tours lead through the polder land with its numerus windmills, passing through picturesque inland villages and by beautiful IJsselmeer beaches. Once off the land and aboard the tall ship we sail the IJsselmeer between Enkhuizen and Urk. Further must-see places on the tour include historic ports and trading towns such as Hoorn, as well as Broek, a settlement established on a moor in the Waterland region.

coastal town in the Netherlands

West Frisian Wadden Sea: A sailing experience with wind swept hair and salt kissed skin

Enchanting fishing villages with colourful half-timbered houses and fairy-tale landscapes dotted with dykes: the unique Wadden Sea waits to be discovered. Stretching from the North Sea coast, between Denmark in the northeast and the Netherlands in the south west, it is the largest area of uninterrupted intertidal sand and mud flats in the world and a world heritage site. Here, where water and sand ebb and flow, the area continually transforms. The ecosystem is a refuge for numerous plants and animals, serving as a resting place for many birds and a source of food for fish. Dunes and dry sandbanks roll along the coast like a string of pearls and the natural elements of sea, wind and sun appear to dance with one another.


On our “Sail & Bike Wadden Sea” we will visit some of the top places in Holland such as the "De Boschplaat" heathland as well as Texel and Terschelling on the North Sea; islands perfect for cycling. The island of Terschelling’s landmark, the 400-year-old lighthouse "Brandaris", in an absolute must visit.


wooden beach bar in the Netherlands

River cruises in the Netherlands and its neighbouring countries

River cruises by bike & boat are the perfect way to experience the enchanting inland areas of the Netherlands and many other European countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Here too, a boat is your comfortable floating accommodation and during the day you discover beautiful landscapes along rivers and canals by bike either in a guided or self-guided format. Our partner Boat Bike Tours has an impressively large selection of river cruises in its program. As you can see from the sample tours below, there is truly something for everyone.


Facts about the Netherlands


Best Time to Visit Holland

The Netherlands has a moderate climate with cool summers and mild winters. In the west of the country, on the North Sea coast, the climate is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean (mild winters, cool summers). The Atlantic influence decreases a little towards the east, resulting in a more sub Atlantic climate near the German border, with cool winters and warmer summers.


The best time to travel to Holland for a bike tour is from May to September. Pleasant temperatures between 18°C (64°F) and 25°C (77°F) make even demanding cycling tours enjoyable.


Entry requirements for EU and Swiss citizens

Identification documents/passports, which are valid for at least 3 months, are necessary for entry into the Netherlands. Therefore, please make sure to have the necessary documents with you when entering the country. Children travelling to the Netherlands must also have a valid passport.


Please contact the responsible authority in your home country for information regarding the use of temporary passports or identity cards when entering the Netherlands.


Radurlaub Zeitreisen GmbH does not assume any liability for the correctness of the information given here. You can obtain the latest information from the responsible consulate of your country.


Goods purchased in an EU member state that have already been taxed (so-called excisable goods) can easily be brought to the Netherlands by private individuals provided the goods have been purchased exclusively for the individuals own use, i.e. not for industrial/commercial purposes.

Entry requirements for other internationals

Identification documents/passports, which are valid for at least 3 months upon entry, are necessary for entry into the Netherlands. Therefore, please make sure to have the required documents with you when entering the country.


We advise you to contact the responsible authority in your home country to inquire about current entry regulations (and possible visa requirements) as we cannot take responsibility for any incorrect information.


Please note that provisional passports and replacement documents are generally not recognized. Children (regardless of the age) must also present a valid passport when entering the Netherlands.


Substitute ID documents after misplacement

Please contact the responsible authority of your home country for further information on entry regulations (especially in case off lost/substitute documents).


Radurlaub Zeitreisen GmbH does not assume any liability for the correctness of the information given here. You can obtain the latest information from the responsible consulate of your country.


The currency in the Netherlands is the Euro. There is no restriction on the amount of money that may be brought into the country. Travellers cheques are also accepted throughout the Netherlands however, it is advisable to bring travellers cheques in euros to avoid exchange fees.


Good to know: In the Netherlands, VAT and a processing fee in hotels, restaurants, shops and taxis are already included in the bill. Tipping is always welcome, but not obligatory. Taxi drivers and waiters are usually tipped 10%.


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