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Multi-Adventure Cruises

Holiday fun for the whole family

Multi-Adventure Cruises

Are you looking for the perfect family holiday guaranteed to suit every member in the family? It may sound impossible, but it isn’t! Our Multi-Adventure Cruises in Croatia and Greece have been created especially to be child friendly trips: whether it be sports and play, sunbathing and culture, or fun in the water and pirate flair, no wish will be left unfulfilled!

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Our Multi-Adventure Cruises

Family holiday planning often involves the headache of one wanting to do this, the other wanting to do that, the third wanting to go here, the fourth wanting to go there. Sound familiar? Well, we have the perfect solution! Our Multi-Adventure Cruises in Croatia and Greece are Islandhopping tours for the whole family with easy bike rides, hikes, plenty of swimming and child friendly tours through the exciting cities and towns. A family holiday that will put a smile on everyone’s face!


Spend an exciting week with your family on board one of our comfortable motor sailors and fill the day with your favourite activities. Our adventure cruises make travelling with kids hassle-free fun: the adults can fulfil their holiday wishes; one cycling to the highest peak on the island while the other joins a guided tour in the enchanting harbour town. The young ones can play with their new friends, perhaps forming their own pirate crew while teens can relax in the sun without interruption. The perfect family vacation without any compromises!  

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Relax and unwind in the calm atmosphere on board. Our trained guides will do everything they can to make your holiday dreams come true. They know the tours and the region like the back of their hand and will be able to give you suggestions for a range of varied activities every day. Simply sit back and enjoy, breath in the fresh sea air, dive into picturesque bays in the clear Mediterranean Sea, or join in a card game on deck. Whatever you do, enjoy it with all your heart!  


Discover the beauty of southern Croatia on our Dalmatian Multi-Adventure Cruise. Or come on one of our family cruises through the stunning Ionian Islands off the west coast of Greece!


Requirements for our Multi-Adventure Cruises


Our Multi-Adventure Cruise program offers both short bike tours and hikes. The tour guides will lead all the bike tours for which no special level of fitness is required. The walks and short hikes follow good paths (some on asphalt roads) and all of which are not very strenuous. Should some activities require a higher level of physical fitness; the tour guides will inform everyone beforehand.


© Ivan Duran

Our adventure cruises are an unforgettable experience, especially for children. We guarantee children a 25% discount on the basic tour price until their 17th birthday. If a child is sleeping in a three-person cabin together with parents or siblings, the discount increases to 50 % off the basic tour price. Please note that our children's rental bikes are only suitable for children over 1.2m tall. We are happy to provide smaller children with trailer bikes or child seats (for a fee and on request).



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