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Bike & Barge

Cycle tours along Europe’s
most beautiful rivers by

River Cruises
by Bike & Barge

Europe's most beautiful rivers and canals have just as much to offer as its coasts and islands. For active vacationers, river cruises with bike & boat are the ideal combination for exploring the inland. Your floating hotel simply comes along while you explore picturesque river landscapes and historic towns by bike during the day. You can either rely on a competent guide or cycle on your own.

Guided Cycling and River Cruises

The Danube between Passau and Linz © pixabay

Are you dreaming of a trip on the Rhine or Main or the Danube Ijssel, Mosellle, Saar and Seine? There is a large selection of attractive river cruises and it is not easy to decide on a tour. To make the decision easier for yourself, it is best to first consider whether you would prefer to cycle accompanied by a competent tour guide or individually with maps.


You can experience carefree river cruises accompanied by competent guides in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany or France. You will find below our recommendations for the most beautiful guided river cruises from Boat Bike Tours. The teaser boxes below will lead you to the tour operator's website (

North Holland landscapes and seascapes

A breath of fresh air along the Dutch coast

All about the trip

On the Moselle from Koblenz to Merzig

Fine Riesling wines and Roman history

All about the trip

Self-guided Cycling and River Cruises

Bike-Boat-Tours guests on a bike tour along the IJssel in Holland (© Boat Bike Tours)

Do you prefer to cycle individually with maps and GPS material? Then a self-guided river cruise on Holland's rivers and canals or a transnational trip on the Danube or Rhine is perfect for you! Or would you prefer France?


You will find below our recommendations for the most beautiful self-guided river cruises  from our partner Boat Bike Tours. The teaser boxes below will lead you to the tour operator's website (

River Cruises - the alternative to islandhopping


Would you like to get to know wonderful river landscapes and cities steeped in history? Are you also passionate about boating and cycling? Preferably at a pleasant pace that allows you to pause again and again and really enjoy all that you have seen and experienced? Then the river cruises from Boat Bike Tours are made for you! On these cycle tours along the most beautiful rivers and canals in Europe, you will always be accompanied by your floating hotel as you cycle to a different destination every day. A most pleasant stay on board, good food, lots of culture and just the right amount of relaxation complete your vacation experience.


Hand-picked river cruise ships for 20 to 80 passengers are your comfortable home for one to two weeks on these trips. In contrast to our classic motor sailers and yachts, river cruisers are low built without masts so that they can easily pass under bridges and through locks. Despite this different design, they do not lack any of the comfort of other bike and boat trips: Once comfortably settled in the cabin, there is no need to repack your suitcase for the rest of the trip. The spacious saloon is the perfect place to make new friends: Not only are your daily meals served here, but you can also get hot and cold drinks around the clock at the bar. Comfortable seating is also available on deck.


The exquisite salon of the Magnifique II (© Boat Bike Tours)

Would you like to simply relax in between? Then take a break, stay on board and let yourself be enchanted by the picturesque passing river landscapes or use the time until the cyclists come back on board to stroll through the quaint harbor towns.


Discover the rivers Moselle, Main, Rhine, Saar, Ijssel, Danube or the Seine in this incomparable way and thus the most beautiful rivers and canals in the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Austria and Hungary. As rivers do not recognize modern national borders, river cruises often offer the opportunity to get to know several European countries at once.


The boutique boat Fleur on the way to Paris (© Boat Bike Tours)

Requirements on Bike & Barge Tours


Even though the terrain in river landscapes is predominantly flat, all cycle tours require participants to have a certain basic level of fitness and to be able to ride their bikes safely. Our tour guides or boat crews will inform you in detail each day about the level of difficulty of the planned daily tour.


One thing is very important to us when it comes to our bike tours: it's your vacation, your fun and your relaxation. That's why we never want you to feel under pressure when cycling. Regardless of whether you opt for a guided or self-guided cycle tour along rivers and canals, you can always rely on one thing: There is always enough time to master and enjoy the tours.

After landing, we'll continue by bike (© Boat Bike Tours)

Difficulty level of our river cruises:

It is impossible to predict whether a guest will find a bike tour easy or difficult. Several factors play a major role here, e.g. individual physical fitness, how guests are feeling on that week, weather conditions and personal temperature perception.


We have categorized all our river cruises as difficulty level 1:


  • Level 1 Easy bike tours for bike enthusiasts who are confident on their bike and enjoy flat to slightly hilly terrain (daily from 30 to 60 km, max. 200 m ascent).


Guided river cruises:

On our guided river cruises, you can choose between a trekking bike and an e-bike to take part in the day tours. A competent cycle tour guide will show you the way safely. The guided group pace is geared towards trekking cyclists. Anyone renting an e-bike is asked to be considerate of those who ride without electronic assistance. Trekking cyclists need more breaks and more time to ride uphill. Thank you for your understanding.


Self-guided river cruises:

On our self-guided river cruises, you are completely your own boss during all the cycle tours. To ensure that you get from A to B safely, you will receive comprehensive maps and GPS data, allowing you to plan your cycle tours entirely according to your own wishes. It's entirely up to you how fast or slow you want to cycle and where or for how long you want to make stops along the way. While you cycle, your boat will continue its journey and will welcome you back when you arrive at your overnight port.

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