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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What requirements are there for travelling into my destination country?

There are different requirements, for residents of different countries, for entering the countries of our travel destinations. Please find out which preliminaries apply for you from your country’s foreign ministry. They normally provide comprehensive information via internet. You can find general information on all countries there. Please understand that we cannot take any responsibility for the correctness of the information on those pages.

What level of fitness is required for the bike tours? // Characteristic features - Tallship journeys

Generally we recommend our tours to everyone who has an acquired basic stamina either through using their bike as an everyday vehicle or as a leisure activity. As maritime harbours are located at sea level, a climb is to be expected at the start of every trip. However, we pace our tours leisurely so that there is no rush even if you push your bicycle uphill. Once you are on top, the route mostly undulates along the length of ridge before you are rewarded with a long and often spectacular descent to the next harbour where you meet the ship. Our tour guides will inform you beforehand of the nature and difficulty of the tour so you are able to decide if you want to cycle or rather to relax on board.

We categorize our tours in different bicycle type’s: trekking bike, mountain bike and e-bike as well as different levels of difficulty. You can find a detailed explanation on our website refering to the specific tour. The level of difficulty is also explained on our website individual for each trip below “THINGS TO NOTE”.

Characteristic features – Tallship journeys Our Tallships mostly do not fit into small fishing harbors and therefore spend the majority of their nights on anchor. This means that a dinghy transfer is necessary to get to land. Additionally a tidal difference may effect accessibility of the boat on our tours in Great Britain. In some cases it may be necessary to climb a ladder to get on/off the boat or that the use of a dinghy/tender might be necessary for embarkation/disembarkation. Surefootedness and a certain degree of agility are required to get on and off the boat. Needless to say, our tour guides will lend you a helping hand. In general: Wind, swell and tidal differences have a significant influence on a Tallship journey.

Are the bike tours suitable for children?

We offer Multi-Adventure tours planned especially for families with children. Our regular cycling tours are only suitable for children with good stamina and the earliest recommended age is 10 years old. We offer children’s bikes from 3,9 ft+/120 cm+. We can offer baby seats and trailer bikes for smaller children.

On some of our ships we offer cabins for three to four people, where the third and fourth person receives a reduction of 50 % off of the basic tour price. Children aged 16 years and younger, booked in a 2 person cabin, receive a 25 % price reduction off the basic tour price.

What is the difference between cabins above/below deck? Cabin Service ...

Some of our ships offer you the choice between booking a cabin above or below deck. Whether you decide on one or the other is subject to your personal preference.

In general, our guests consider the cabins below deck as the quieter and cooler sleeping places, because in order to make up for the small portholes they can be climatised. Above deck the cabins can be aired through the doors and often their larger windows offer more daylight.

Due to the shape of the boat‘s hull the size of the cabins may vary as well as the availability of portholes or windows may differ.

Cabin service: There is ordinarily a daily cabin service on board which takes place during the bicycle tours. It includes the bedding (personal belongings should be removed) as well as emptying of the wastebin. The towels will be changed once in the middle of the week. Should the group not be able to leave the boat due to environmental forces it may be that the cabin service does not apply.

What kind of food and beverage do I have to expect?

Get detailed information of our food and beverage supply on our respective travel page.The meals represent southern european standard, but taking into account the requirements of active cyclists.

Please let us know beforehand if there are any foods you may or will not eat, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes and to provide alternatives.

May I take beverages on board?

The saloon of the ship is a restaurant, lounge and bar likewise, where you can order cool alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at any time of the day. Your orders will be listed and the amount due will be paid directly to the captain on the last evening of the trip, together with the harbour fees. While the drinks on board are somewhat higher in price than in a supermarket, please understand that the ship is a floating hotel, and therefore, as in every other bar or restaurant, it is not allowed to consume your own drinks on the premises.

How do I get to my port of embarkation?

Please see the arrival possibilities to the different countries in the detailed explanations on our website which are provided individually for each trip. There you will find air, train and car travel options and plenty of other useful information such as parking, transfers, visa issues and recommended vaccinations.

Are there any possible changes of the planned tour course?

A boat journey is wind and weather dependent. Because of this, and also other organizing necessities, tour changes can be possible. Changes should not come in the way of a great holiday experience. Last decision about an itineray change is always up to the captain. Our tour guides are not authorized to make another decision than he.

Is it possible to bring my own bike?

Our islandhopping tours require bikes with fully functional set of gears. Should you however wish to bring your own hybrid or MTB with you, please make sure to check the condition of your breaks, gears, and tires and don’t forget to bring along a puncture repair kit and the essential spare parts for your bike (e.g. brake pads and tubes). Your bike should be in prefect mechanical working order. We do not allow private e-bikes on board of our boats. This decision has been made due to health and safety regulations. If you wish to ride an e-bike for the duration of your tour, please get in touch with us about the rental options.  Islandhopping can offer you high quality, fully serviced rental bikes perfect for the terrain of this tour.

Is it necessary to purchase a travel cancellation insurance?

A travel cancellation insurance is useful to have. On our home page we have detailed instructions on travel cancelation insurances suitable for our tours. Please prove the specifications thoroughly, if you are insuring yourself by credit card.

What kind of clothes do I need for my trip?

You can leave your evening dress and dinner jacket at home. Relaxed leisure clothes like t-shirts and shorts and swimming gear is sufficient for all occasions. For occasionally cool evenings, have a long-sleeved jumper or sweatshirt in your luggage, a windand waterproof jacket may be useful from time to time.

Special bicycle gear is not compulsory but may be an advantage for comfortable riding.

As cabin space is limited, we recommend you pack your clothing in a duffle bag rather than a hard-shell suitcase which may be hard to stow.

Please take care of your valuables during the trip. A member of the crew will always be on duty on board, but we advise you to leave your valuables at home. The organizer is not responsible for the loss of mobile phones, cameras or other valuables.

How many tour guides will be on board?

From a group size of 20 or more people we will provide two tour guides, who will join you for the bicycle tours. One of them will ride at the end of the group in order to provide assistance with breakdowns.

If you would like to take a break to take photos or to enjoy fresh fruit from the trees, you are welcome to do so. Also, if you would like to cycle on your own, we can provide you with maps and tips for alternative routes.

Our bicycle guides carry tools for small repairs (e. g. punctures) and adjustments with them, and there is a comprehensive set of tools and spare parts on board of each ship.

Who and from where from are our guests?

Although our head office is located in Constance we must not longer hide the fact that only about half of the guests who travel with us in one year are from Germany. Travelers from Switzerland are representing 10 % and aprx. 40 % of our Islandhopping guests are from overseas and other countries abroad such as England, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. During the past years we are starting to welcome more and more guests from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US on board. English has become the second official on board language. All Islandhopping tours are therefore conducted bilingually, in English and German.

Our guests, usually aged between 30 and 70 years, are people who discovered how to raise the recreational value of a journey, w hilst taking an active, physical part in it. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a sporting ace. Even children (usually from 10 years) are part of the party.

What about electricity, water and telephone on board?

Electricity and water are available on board, of course, but within limits. All ships have a generator for 220V, which will however not work around the clock, e. g. to ensure your night’s rest it will be switched off overnight. The plugs are ordinary flat German plugs with two round pins of 4.8 mm in diameter.

The water tanks are large enough to provide sufficient cold and warm water for washing and showering for everyone, if it is used with consideration, i. e. if you turn it off while soaping, and do not leave it on unneeded.

All countries have access to a local GSM 900 mobile telephone network that you can log into if your phone is GSM compatible.

Is it possible to sleep on deck?

Many of our guests gladly take the opportunity to sleep under the stars on one of the decks. Please bring your own sleeping bags and mattresses for this, as for hygienic reasons the captain cannot allow mattresses and blankets outside of the cabins.

What about the weather and climatic conditions?

The following link can give you an approximate overview of what to expect in your destination country:

Gratuities on an Islandhopping Tour

Towards the end of an Islandhopping tour you will have the chance to leave your guide team and crew a tip as a token of your appreciation. We are regularly asked by our guests what the expected amount to tip is. This really depends on the individual and his/her appreciation for the provided services and efforts given. We suggest – providing you are pleased with the service – a sum of minimum 10 € per guest/tour for each tour guide and the same amount for each crew member on board the boat.

Most commonly tour participants will organize the tips amongst themselves, once for the guide team and once for the crew, presenting these during a celebratory last evening on board. Your transfer driver and city tour guides also appreciate a small token of acknowledgement for their efforts.

Can I book additional overnight stays through Islandhopping?

Close to most destination of our journeys we offer the possibility to extend your personal journey in one of our partner hotels. Please see “Extended stay” refering to the requested tour. In case that Islandhopping does not have a partner hotel in your preferred destination, we recommend to book hotels on your own via

Medical Information

Holidaymakers with any kind of pre-excisting illness are able to reduce risk factors by goog preparation of the journey. Your own healthiness and capability as well as you expectations should be measured realistically to avoid frustration and overextension.

Which payment methods are accepted on board?

We do not acept credit cards on board of our boats. Payments such as drinks, tourist taxes, parking spaces etc. can be made in cash only. The accepted currency on board is CASH, either in the countries local currency or in Euro. Your local guide will point you in the right direction of the nearest ATM or currency conversion office.

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