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Front roller from Ortlieb

Description: We use custom built frontroller bike panniers from the company Ortlieb. From our point of view these are the best panniers: waterproof enough, that you could take your goldfish on tour. The bags are attached onto the bicycle rack with two hooks, which clip comfortably onto the frame. In order to secure the bag to stop it from leaving its position, Ortlieb have patented a Quick-Lock-System which grips tightly to the frame: in the locked position the hooks close in a firm hold around the bike rack. Only when you pull the pannier handle upwards do the hooks open up and loosen their hold on the frame.

Liability exclusion: To ensure that bike panniers remain waterproof they have to be closed tight. Although panniers are manufactured from waterproof material Radurlaub Zeitreisen GmbH cannot be held liable for any damage that might be caused to any personal belongings like mobile phones, cameras ect.

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