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Our Success Formula at Islandhopping – Connect 4!

Our tour philosophy

It is surely often wondered what the philosophies of certain companies are, and we imagine that it would be interesting for our guests to know what we at Islandhopping hold for important when planning tours for our guests. It is actually quite simple (and just slightly inspired by the work of Hippocrates).

For us, a successful holiday consists of four elements:

– Activity
– Relaxing
– Enjoyment
– Culture

Each individual can decide in which dose they require the above elements to insure an eventful but regenerative, active holiday experience.

The Right Amount of Activity

From leisure cycling to athletic biking

An island is always a mountain top, resting up to its neck in water. Therefore most of our bike tours begin with a climb; beginning in the mornings from the boat at seas level. The greatest thing about these climbs are the views at the top and the well-deserved descend at the end of the tour.

But not to worry! Every participant can choose to remain on board of the boat for a regenerative cruise, or to rent an e-bike to help them across the island with permanent ‘’tail-wind’’. In this way you are in full control of the amount of activity you wish to participate in on your holiday.


A well-deserved reward after being active

On all of our tours we do our best to offer our guests enough free space in which they can fully relax and regenerate in. Often this is best achieved if you are satisfied with the results of the previous activity: this is the effect which we strive to achieve.

Our boats offer great spaces to relax in: be it on the sundeck, a comfortable corner to read in, the pleasant salon or the jib-net – each individual is sure to find a suitable environment.

Real Enjoyment

Great food, floral splendour, dolphins – multifaceted enjoyment

Enjoyment comes in various shapes and forms: a good meal, a nice view, blossoming flowers, swimming in the warm Mediterranean, a good coffee in the harbour, dolphins playing in the wake of the passing boats, a good conversation on board, the salt on your skin, the murmur of waves on the shore – or simply to close your eyes and to let the warmth of the sun dance over you.

Our aim is to offer you enjoyable opportunities along the way, and to give you enough time and space in which to revel in the joy of the moment.

‘’Experience’’ Culture

Experience the uniqueness of each host country up close and personal

A lot of holiday offers don’t lay much importance on the host country, but each country and its culture are unique, and at Islandhopping the culture and the history of a country play a significant role.

We value a gentle, competent and personal interaction between everyday life and nature, present day life and the history of the country we are visiting. We find it important to experience the heart and soul of a country. Only in this way, will the memories of your holiday forever remain alive in your imagination.

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