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Our Tall Ships

Nautical charm with
a touch of adventure

Tall Ships

Our Tall Ships are grand sailing ships, built to navigate the open sea under sail. The tours onboard our authentic sailing vessels are characterized by a friendly atmosphere and comradery built through team activities on board such as the setting of sails. Join us onboard for a week of nautical adventure and support the crew in bringing these masted giants into motion whilst also enjoying the exciting excursions by bike on land.

Central & Northern Europe

Islandhopping on a Tall Ship

Tour group hoists the sails on the tall ship Atlantis


Our Tall Ships are all made for the open sea and are equipped with the safety of our guests in mind and as highest priority. Even rough sea conditions and turbulent waves are no challenge for these veteran vessels. The functionality of the furnishings on board these ships have priority over style and luxury. The cabins are smaller but comfortable. Extra measures have been taken to ensure that everything stays in place when sailing. Every cabin has a private bathroom with an all-in-one shower and WC.

Life on board

The tours on board our authentic sailing vessels are characterized by a unique group feeling which arises from team activities on board such as the setting of sails and a mutual passion for the outdoors. The captain and crew are experienced seamen with plenty of interesting stories to tell and they gladly share their experiences with the guests on board. Slip into the shoes of a sailor and enjoy a week of nautical charm whilst still taking part in the exciting excursions by bike on land.

Saloon of the Dutch tall ship Mare fan Fryslan

Special features

Most of the time our Tall Ships are too large to fit into the small coastal ports along our journey, and therefore spend most nights on anchor. This means that most bike tours start with a dinghy transfer. In some destinations, the change in tides, as well as sea conditions, means that guests are required to climb a ladder to leave and return to the ship. In order to board/disembark our Tall Ships passengers must be sure footed and flexible. The tour guides and crew are always prepared to lend a helping hand but confidence is required. In general, wind, swell, and tides have a significant influence on the time schedules of these tours.

Islandhopping destinations

You can find our Tall Ships in Italy, Scotland, Denmark, Holland, and Sweden.