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„We will be back“

520 catalogs, numerous redeemed vouchers for T-Shirts as well as 20 presented gift boxes and a consistently positive response from “we will surely contact you” up to “I am totally excited, what an offer” and “thank you for your time and support” were gleaned. Catharina, Damaris, Jacob and Martin were in Stuttgart at the CMT to make new connections and to greet familiar faces. The four of them represented us in the second largest trade expo for tourism and leisure in the world.

For the first time the Bike- and outdoor pursuits portion of the expo took place in the new exhibition hall 10.
The new hall dwarfs the exhibition halls of  the previous years, providing additional space for a larger number of exhibitors. Seeing as our stand was at the head of the exhibition hall we were easier to find and therefore very pleased with the number of visitors who came by to see us. Visiting the CMT in Stuttgart has almost become tradition and were therefore met by many familiar faces, who were very happy to see their old tour guides again. This year we also saw a new surge of interest especially in regard to our tours in Greece and our MTB tours, which were highly sought after.

The positive experience has motivated us for the start of the season 2018. And one thing is certain: we will be back again in 2019 to the CMT, the largest travel expo in Europe.


Answer from the experts

Come and visit us at our stand and get to know some of our tour staff personally. Our friendly staff are well informed about the possibilities on site, and can help to answer any questions which you may have in regard to your travel plans. In addition we like to have small surprises waiting at our stand for any former or future Islandhoppers.


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