Trail Building Week Part 2

Trail Building Week Part 2

With spades and rake on new ways

With a second Trail building week on Kos and Leros we created a showcase example for a well thought-out and uniformly signposted trail network.

A week full of sweat and motivation, side by side with local MTB enthusiasts, building trails, biking together and enjoying Greek hospitality with Sirtaki and Ouzo in front of the most beautiful island sunsets scenery!

Trail building – that is exactly what unites us during this week: the locals, MTB enthusiasts from all over Europe and trail building specialists from the ‘Trail Brothers Tuscany’, as well as the local club, ‘mudTurtles’, who have been building trails on Kos since 2016. Locksmiths, IT-specialists, kindergarten teachers – all are here for to chase one dream: to expand the trail network of the region for outdoor enthusiasts. The local infrastructure now offers bike friendly hotels and rental stations with professional equipment.

The Dodecanese Islands and their inhabitants welcome the project with open arms and our trail builders are welcomed warmly with Greek hospitality! Everyone here understands how important tourism is for the wellbeing of the region.

Starting on Kos, an old goats path was transformed into a 2km long trail along the island ridge with world class views over the north and south coast of the island Kos. After a visit to Nissyros and the creation of a trail down into the crater of the local volcano, the trail builders were warmly welcomed on the neighboring island of Leros. The deputy mayor and local television crews are on site. Leros also has a MTB club which has started to host local races. Trails have been continually built over the past year, bike tourism is taking shape here too. With spades and rakes, the Kalamari-Trail was built – a trail descending almost 300 vertical meters down to the sea. An incredible view over the deep blue bay of Lakki accompanies riders on their descent.

Trail Building Week Part 2 – a tough grind with pick axes and shovels. The efforts are well worth it when at the end of the day you are able to ride the very trail which you helped to create. Surrounded by incredible landscapes like Eden on earth – the Greek Aegean.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the helpers and sponsors for their support!

Without them, none of this would be possible.

4 questions for ...our tralbuilders

David Kröger

1. Why did you take part in the trail-building week?
The accounts I had heard from last year, as well as the announcement on MTB-News of the diverse daily programme, made the week sound very promising. In addition to this was the idea of biking on an island where no large mountain biking community had been before and so effectively being there from the very beginning. This, along with the Greek weather. There couldn’t possibly be a better MTB holiday for anyone who wants a vacation which includes more than just biking.

2. What was your experience?
It was exciting to be with the 18 other participants and to see the resulting 18 different approaches on how the trail should be made and widened, deciding which paths to choose and to see how to include extras. As well as seeing on which aspects people put their focus. The group came together very quickly, instantly establishing an awesome mood. Alongside creating the trail together, we also had shared dinners which brought out everyone’s personalities even more creating an even better atmosphere.

3. What remained in your memory?
The motivation of the first day. From the very beginning, everyone was eager to create as many trail meters as possible, in order to be able to start the next project as soon as possible. The next morning, everyone was complaining about their blisters, so the next days were somewhat more relaxed, though everyone remained focused. A very positive memory is that, despite the fact that everyone could set their own speed and focus level, there were no delays. Whether simply marking the path, building small jumps or corners, or deciding which direction the trail should go in, every decision could be made without having to have a big discussion first.

4. Would you recommend Greece for a mountain biking holiday to your friends?
I would absolutely recommend Greece and will go back there myself. For someone looking for a bike-shuttle holiday there are probably better locations. However for anyone who wants to scale beautiful mountains and see the incredible panorama view from its summit, to bike cool trails and afterward spend the rest of the day by the sea, this is the perfect place. In addition to this there is the possibility to go to neighbouring islands. So, all together, a great holiday is guaranteed.

4 questions for ...our tralbuilders

Maria Speh

1. How did you come across the trail building week?
I came across the trail building week through Jester sports.

2. What did you experience?
I experienced a wonderful holiday! I met a lot of great people who share the same interests. I was able to enjoy breathtaking landscapes with incredible views whilst not only riding trails but riding trails which I had participated in creating! A truly unique feeling. The delicious Greek food and fun with the locals contributed to a perfect week.

3. What are your fondest memories?
Working together and creating something together for our friends in the MTB community on Kos, Nissyros and leros gave a true sense of solidarity which I will never forget.

4. Would you recommend Greece to your friends for a MTB holiday?
I have already recommended it to several friends. They were easily convinced after listening to my stories.

Our Sponsors

This trailbuilding week is supported from many sides and sponsors, and we want to say thank you from all our hearts!

Inselhüpfen & Cycle Greece



ION Bike


Aegean Trails

Massa Vecchia  & The Trail Brothers Tuscany

Bike Agentur

Hellenic Association of Mountainbiking

Bike Aid

Saraya Resort Leros

Kos Hotel

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