AEGEAN TRAILS – Trail building March 2017

AEGEAN TRAIL BUILDING PROJECT – mountain bikes on old donkeys’ trails

It is no longer news that the Greek Dodecanese islands offer the best prerequisites for our Bike & Boat concept: beautiful bays, lonely tracks, traditional villages, and people with a great sense of hospitality. Greece has a real attitude towards life and that’s exactly what it shares with the mountain bikers.

From the perspective of the off-road fans the Dodecanese islands are though an almost unexploited territory. And this results certainly not from the lack of beauty in the region, but from the lack of networking, maintenance and signposting of the potential mountain bike trails on the islands. And that’s exactly what should change.

TRAIL BUILDING PROJECT AEGEAN – From United Nations Trail to Trail Paradise Aegean

An initially very rough idea came to realization in March 2017 with harrow and spades, a motivated group of Outdoor fans and a carefully developed network in Greece – the development of new trails together with uniform signposting in the Greek Dodecanese. The old trails on the islands of Kos, Leros and Patmos have been cleared and new ones have been created.

For example on Kos island more than 60 people took part in the trailbuilding arranging it through Facebook. Members of Bike Clubs Mud Turtles and of the organizer Kos Bike Activities as well as Islandhopping tour guides and Trail Brothers Tuscany have built together a 2, 8 km long trail in one and a half days – the common purpose combines nations and awakes a spirit. The upper part of the trail was named United Nations Trail.

The greek outdoor-moviemaker Emanouel Armoutakis accompanied this trailbuilding week and captured all experiences in impressive moving pictures.

Click here for the Trailbuilding movie

TRAIL BUILDING PROJECT AEGEAN – the way has been prepared

Due to the great success of the project, it’s now called Aegean Trails and along with Greece it should prospectively involve the Bodrum area and through that also the Turkish Aegean.

What’s been brought here in Greece with joint forces, could also be described as Corporate Social Responsibility – there’s already widespread support for the idea on a Greek basis. It is accompanied among other things by the Greek MBike Magazine and the Hellenic Federation of Mountainbiking as well as by the Organization Paths of Greece. Furthermore, the Lighthouse-Trail on Leros has been selected among the five finalists of the international Trail Contest: so the comerstone for the sustainability and further development of the project has been laid.

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